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Layered, Textural Abstracts by Robert Nairn

An abstract painting on two canvasesEvolutio IV (diptych), oil on canvas


Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources including literature, the environment, and relationships, Robert Nairn creates layered, textural abstracts with a blend of bright colors and earthy neutrals. The variety of shapes and geometries that appear in these works give the paintings a great sense of depth.


An abstract painting made up of earth tones and neutralsOld Dogen, oil on canvas

I find Robert’s method of organizing his works in his…

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Studio Sunday: Nara Yoshitomo

A photograph of the studio of Nara Yoshimoto


Yoshitomo Nara lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, though his work has been exhibited and collected internationally. Nara is known for his simple drawings of childlike figures, influenced by vintage Japanese animation and comic books, as well as the American influence on the country during the artist’s childhood in the 1960s.


Nara’s studio pictured above has the look of an artistic child’s bedroom. With works spread across the…

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Iridescent Photographs and Digital Paintings by Richard Ashby

A photograph of a white orchidUntitled, photograph

Richard Ashby’s artistic practice is informed by time spent studying music, marine biology and laboratory science. The artist’s iridescent photographs and digital paintings range from pure abstraction to scientific documentation.


A macro photograph of the flower of an orchidMiltonia (3), photograph

Richard’s photographs of orchids fit interestingly into his overall practice. The artist does a lot of psychedelic digital painting and photographic…

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Headlines: Ulay, the Dakota Pipeline and an NEA Report

1) Ulay Wins Court Case Against Marina Abramovich

A photograph of the artist Ulay


Ulay, the former collaborator and partner of Marina Abramovich, has won his legal case against the renowned performance artist, claiming that Abramovich had violated a contract concerning a number of joint works that she and Ulay and made together. According to Ulay, he and Abramovich had drawn a contract in 1999 entitling him to 20 percent of the net sales on all their prior…

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Geometric Grids and Ethereal Abstraction: Art by Bethany Muhl

A long painting with  yellow washes and blue geometric shapesMusical Grid, acrylic on canvas

Bethany Muhl utilizes different painting techniques to combine geometric grids and ethereal abstraction in the form of washes of color. Combining the symbolism of nature, mathematics, physics and spirituality, the artist creates images imbued with meaning.

A painting of diamonds exploding out of a plantDiamond Sky, acrylic on canvas

I really love the color combinations that Bethany works with in her most recent artworks.  Using soft, light pinks next…

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Colorful Paintings of West Coast Wildlife by Jennifer Sparacino

A painting of a grizzly bear in purpleViolet, acrylic on canvas

Jennifer Sparacino’s colorful paintings of west coast wildlife use an impressive range of hues, giving her subjects a bombastic, mythical appearance. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Jennifer has been a full-time artist since 2011.


A painting of a bear in bright colorsKing of the Woods, acrylic on canvas

It’s really awesome to look at these paintings and see how perfectly Jennifer mixes totally dreamlike color with detailed and realistic…

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Landscapes and Architectural Views: Art by Lully Schwartz

A painting of trees on three separate panelsFour Trees Triptych


Painter Lully Schwartz creates works that celebrate light, offering lightly gestural, yet accurate images of various landscapes and architectural views. Lully works through a process of sketching a scene several times before painting it, creating a finished product that shows off a studied approach.


A painting of the Eiffel Tower at nightEiffel in Paint, acrylic on archival canvas


While based in the U.S., the artist has travelled to France, where…

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Studio Sunday: Dan Flavin

A photo of Dan Flavin in his studio


Dan Flavin was an American artist, famous for his work with commercial fluorescent lighting. While he began creating these works as wall-based installation, in the late 1970s he began moving away from this mode of operating, instead building larger, corridor-like structures and replacing much of his studio work with site-specific installation.


The above photo, taken shortly before this move to public art and site-specificity,…

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Headlines: LIU, FKA Twigs, and Berghain

1) Contract Extension Ends Lockout for Long Island Faculty


An instagram photo of students protesting the LIU lockout


Over the past two weeks, art faculty at Long Island University were barred access to their studios, classrooms and in some cases, personal belongings. Since August 31st, 400 members of the university faculty union had been locked out of the school when union negotiations with their employer went sour. Both professors and students were protesting against a new contract…

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Skewed Views of Everyday Life: Art by Allen Wittert

A painting with an abstracted background and vague human figuresIntricate Rites, acrylic and oil on canvas

Allen Wittert resides in Walnut Creek, California, where he works as a storyboard artist, illustrator, and painter. Allen’s painting practice is influenced by cubism and impressionism, and often features slightly skewed views of everyday life. The artist draws inspiration from years spent travelling, teaching, and working in the advertising industry.


A portrait of a woman with bright pink hairAmber, acrylic on canvas


I’m really…

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Bright, Bubbly Abstract Art by Allyson Malek

A painting of some bright colored marbles on canvasCircular, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Allyson Malek is currently based on the California central coast, where she creates works of bright, bubbly abstract art. In her recent works, Allyson has been utilizing the motif of the circle to great effect.


A painting of colored disks on a neutral backgroundCompleteness, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

I enjoy looking through these recent works on Allyson’s portfolio website. While abstract, each one has the level of focus and…

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Casual Strokes of Color: Art by Blair Prentice

An illustration composed of colors laid over a photograph of a personUntitled, illustration

Blair Prentice is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in New York. Working in the fields of illustration, graphic design, photography, and art direction, Blair works in a distinctly illustrative style, marrying bright, casual strokes of color with sketchy line art.


In his painted works, Blair favors small details and forms packed with small details. I like the way the artist chooses to forgo strict…

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Sleek, Streamlined Products by Joel Yatscoff

A photo of a mirror shaped like a coat hangerHanger Mirror (photo by Lauren Cheong)

Industrial designer Joel Yatscoff creates sleek, streamlined products for a variety of household and other applications. Working to create objects that are serve both as decorative pieces and functional tools, Joel’s portfolio is packed with effort-saving concepts.


A photo of the Vitaliti XPrize TricorderVitaliti XPrize Tricorder (collaboration with Cortex Design Inc. Photo: Dejan Kocetkov)


While the designer’s style varies…

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Ornate Ironwork by Kinghorn Blacksmithing

A photo of a custom copper screen in a homeCopper Screen - Custom

Kinghorn Blacksmithing, helmed by metal sculptor Michael Kinghorn, creates custom furniture, staircases, lighting and more for commercial and private clients. Located in Wakefield, Quebec, the studio specializes in ornate ironwork and restoration projects.


A cast iron lamp shaped like a large spiderSpider


Kinghorn Blacksmithing builds custom furniture from scratch, but also creates additions for existing furniture and spaces, adding finely-made…

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