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Mechanical Animals: Art by Jessica Joslin

A sculpture of a turtle made from animal bones and gold detailsUntitled


Jessica Joslin combines an arts background with training in the professional trades to create her fascinating mechanical animals. Sculpted from real and replica animal bones, as well as metals, wood and altered found materials, Jessica’s sculptures are equal parts eerie and ornate.


I find Jessica’s constructions really incredible. Each sculpture is fabricated expertly, with almost no evidence of the artist’s hand.…

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Other Narratives: Art by ChloƩ Surprenant

A manipulated photo featuring gray tones and an obscured human figureUntitled

Chloé Surprenant divides her time between her native Montreal, and Amsterdam, with plenty of time for travelling in-between. The artist’s works are focused on foreign or other narratives, concerning both places and the people that inhabit them.


A darkened photo of an interior spaceUntitled


In her work, Chloé frequently utilizes a combination of photography, acrylic paint and photo-manipulation techniques. The resulting works are dreamlike and function…

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Dramatic Lighting and Intense Detail: Photos by Cody Blain Jones

A photo of a man standing in front of Prada MarfaTy Prada, Marfa

Cody Blain Jones is a creative and commercial photographer based in Austin, Texas. Working with a range of subjects from products to portraits, the artist has a flair for dramatic lighting and intense detail.


A soft focus photo of the moon behind a plantMoon through the trees


Cody’s creative work is focused on topics of psychology and the mind. I like his decision to group creative photos by concept, rather than by subject. The resulting series are like…

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Studio Sunday: Mie Yim

A photograph of Mie Yim in her New York studio


Korean-born, New York-based artist Mie Yim’s painting practice focuses on abstract yet voluminous forms. Her recent work features elongated, tubular structures that snake across the surface of the canvas, intersecting with themselves and other forms to create a whole image.


In the above photo, Yim’s studio looks like an industrious, business-like operation. The artist is posed quite imposingly with her works, giving one the…

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Headlines: Doig, the Tate, and Italy

1) Peter Doig Proves he Didn't Paint This Desert Scene

A painting signed Peter Doige


Peter Doig has come out successful in the strange court battle that we reported on a few weeks ago. A federal judge ruled in Doig’s favor, deciding definitively that Doig did not paint the desert scene – admittedly very similar in style to Doig’s work – that was at the centre of the case. Former Canadian corrections officer Robert Fletcher claimed that he had personally…

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Geometric Composition: Art by Sarah Trundle

A painting of peony flowers in a green meadowPeonies at Ramsay, oil on canvas

Charlottesville, Virginia-based artist Sarah Trundle specializes in vibrant landscape and still-life paintings in a varied and controlled style. She brings this style to the forefront in her abstract works, focusing on the combination of geometric composition and ethereal colour.


A painting of a foggy morning over a horizonMisty Morning, oil on canvas

Sarah’s portfolio is packed with great examples of how the artist is able to adapt her…

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Vintage Cartoon Aesthetics: Drawing by Jeff Ladouceur

A drawing by Jeff LadouceurUntitled, ink and graphite on paper

Jeff Ladouceur is an artist who specializes in surreal drawings and illustrations that seem inspired by vintage cartoon aesthetics. Working primarily in ink and graphite on paper, Jeff creates works that are quiet, yet have an air of drama.


A drawing by Jeff LadoucuerUntitled, ink and graphite on paper


It’s nice to spend time with Jeff’s works, as they definitely reward a lingering viewer. While they may seem simple on…

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Tight, Deliberate Brush Strokes: Art by George Servais

A painting of a lighthouse on a rocky shoreLighthouse, acrylic on canvas

Featured artist George Servais is based in Philadelphia, where he creates acrylic paintings on a wide variety of subjects, from sci-fi scenes to pets. George’s works are designed with a great attention to detail and tight, deliberate brush strokes.


A painting of a rabbit hiding in a snowy patch of grassWatcher in the Weeds, acrylic on board


I’m really taken by George’s Space Themes series – the paintings in this gallery take the form of science…

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Architectural Forms and Negative Space: Art by Susan Gransby

A reduction linocut of a bandstand in a public parkAlexandra Bandstand

Artist Susan Gransby uses printmaking and mixed media techniques to create constructed sketches that celebrate architectural forms and negative space. Born in London, England and currently located in Vancouver, BC, Susan’s practice is informed by urban, industrial settings.


A mixed media work with bamboo imagery on a neutral backgroundBamboo/Bamboo, mixed media

I’m impressed by Susan’s reduction linocuts, in which the artist is able to portray fairly complex scenes in…

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Studio Sunday: Helen Frankenthaler

A photo of Helen Frankenthaler in her art studio


Helen Frankenthaler is one of the best-known female artists of the American abstract expressionism era. Frankenthaler’s practice revolved around pouring oils and pigments directly onto a canvas, creating dilute washes that flowed over the surface to create a painting that expressed the natural movements of the media without the artist’s intervention.


Given that Frankenthaler usually created her paintings by pouring the…

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Westcoast Landscape Paintings by Dianne Cuzner

A painting of a house on the coast of an islandWork Where You Play - Play Where You Work - Sunshine Coast, acrylic on canvas

Dianne Cuzner is a landscape painter located in BC. Her loose, westcoast landscape paintings often feature river and ocean-side settings, with bright, lightened hues and autumnal trees offsetting each other. These paintings also inform Dianne’s abstract and photography works.


An abstracted painting of some poppiesGathering Poppies, acrylic on canvas

I like the flowing, casual approach that…

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Headlines: Selkirk, The Bronx and Collectionair

1) Bristol Residents Worried Public Sculpture Will be Too Creepy

A digital rendering of the eventual placement of Frank Benson's sculpture of Andrew Selkirk



Artist Frank Benson’s proposed public sculpture of the 18th century mariner Andrew Selkirk - the possible inspiration for the character of Robinson Crusoe – is under fire because it might be too creepy. To be fair, the proposed location for the public sculpture is a former graveyard near St. Andrew’s Church in Clifton, a suburb of Bristol, England. In numerous…

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Kinetic Bubble Machines by David Medalla

A bubble machine work by David MedallaCloud Canyons No. 25, plexiglass tubing, motor pumps, alloy, water, detergent

David Medalla was a child prodigy, lecturing at the University of the Phillipines at the age of 12, then went to New York to study philosophy and Greek drama at the age of 14. Now based in London, New York and Paris, the artist is known for his kinetic bubble machines among a wide range of different media and materials.


A photo of David Medalla's Sand MachineSand Machine, polished copper and…

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Occult and Animal Imagery: Tattoos by Heather Lefebvre

A tattoo with  a woman wearing a fox's headUntitled

Heather Lefebvre is a tattoo artist based out of Kelowna, BC. The artist creates a range of unique designs in both color and black and white, combining geometric elements with flowing occult and animal imagery.

A tattoo of two swallows, one on each armUntitled

Based at Odist Tattoo in Kelowna, Heather works with her clients to create a wide array of different designs, while still maintaining her personal style throughout her portfolio. With subject matter ranging from…

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Thick Abstractions: Printmaking by Sarah James

An embossed print of an abstract patternPattern 2, embossing and relief

Printmaker Sarah James’ practice is informed by, and overlaps with, her background in painting. The artist creates thick abstractions with an eye for geometry and colour.


A stone lithograph print of an abstract patternSanta Cruz, stone lithograph print

I like the way Sarah manages to achieve such a distinct texture in many of her artworks. The artist has a love for squares and rectangles, and is inspired by early Welsh quilts, which often featured…

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