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Contemporary and Traditional: Art by Nocona Burgess

A painting of a Lakota woman in a star shirtLakota in Star Shirt

Nocona Burgess is a Comache artist originally from Oklahoma. Having been exposed to art throughout his life, Nocona has developed a unique style that blends visual elements of contemporary and traditional, pop art and and Native American art.


A portrait of a Yakima cowboy in the 1930'sYakima Cowboy 1934

Generally sticking to acrylic on canvas as a medium, Nocona depicts human subjects, mostly Native elders, in modern and traditional dress. I enjoy the…

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Headlines: Chicago, Cedar, and Snapchat

1) Chicago Art Institute to Offer Free Admission to High Schoolers

An exterior photo of the Art Institute in Chicago


The Art Institute in Chicago is expanding its free admission program to include high-school aged teens. Currently, the Institute offers free admission to children up to 13 years of age. Thanks to a sizeable donation by Kansas-based philanthropists Glenn and Claire Swogger, teens aged 14 to 17 will also get into the museum for free, starting in the new year. The…

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A Delicate, Ethereal Edge: Art by Maria Z. Madacky

A wall-hanging installation made with rust pigmentsRecollections
(detail), acrylic gel, graphite and rust

Maria Z. Madacky is a multimedia artist located in Canada. Maria’s works encompass a range of styles and sensibilities, though in her most recent works focus on installation and assemblage with a delicate, ethereal edge.


A mixed media artwork organized as a grid of materialsJourney #7 (from Journey series), wood, plastic rods and ink on handmade paper


We looked at a few of Maria’s quietly tactile works in our previous feature,…

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Individuals in Uniform: Photography by Charles Fr├ęger

A photo of two men in traditional dress in YokainoshimaYokainoshima

Charles Fréger takes photographs of individuals in uniform and in culturally significant dress. The artist’s photographs are taken in a very straightforward, documentary style, focusing as much on clothing as on the people wearing it.

A photo of a woman in traditional dressBretonnes

In general, the artist creates his work by travelling to a specific area or community and photographing people dressed in everything from theatrical costumes to ceremonial outfits.…

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Grotesque Human Figures: Art by Jon Duci

A painting of a horrific-looking human faceMutant #3, acrylic on canvas

Artist Jon Duci explores grotesque human figures, painting with a rainbow of hues that call to mind dusty neon signs. Many of the artist’s works verge on abstraction, using fragmented figures layered on top of and across one another.


A painting featuring many bizarre human facesMysterium, acrylic on canvas

Recently, Jon has been working on a series of paintings of “mutants.” Each painting depicts a bizarrely distorted human face, with an…

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Otherworldly Crystal Paintings by Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of a crystal on negative spaceAurora Crystal 16, acrylic on canvas

Vancouver-based artist and illustrator Rebecca Chaperon creates dreamy fairytale artworks and otherworldly crystal paintings.


A painting of a blue crystal on grey paperDeep Ice Crystal #14, acrylic on paper


I’m really a fan of Rebecca’s recent series of crystals. The series, titled Tesseract, encompasses numerous portraits of individual crystalline forms, each presented with oddly imperfect facets rendered in hues of blue, green and…

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Studio Sunday: Hassan Sharif

A photograph of the late Hassan Sharif in his studio


Hassan Sharif lived and worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, though his work is featured in collections throughout the Middle East and Europe. After getting a brief start in artwork as a political cartoonist, Sharif began formal art studies in 1979 and soon abandoned these cartoons in favor of process-oriented abstract art.


Sharif’s studio looks bright in this photograph, packed with studies of different styles and materials.…

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Shapes Upon Shapes: Art by Ashleigh Bartlett

An abstract with layered forms and deep blue colorsNight Moves, acrylic on canvas

Ashleigh Bartlett is a mixed media artist and painter who builds up shapes upon shapes to create colorful, layered compositions. Ashleigh’s paintings all seem to have distinct, almost anthropomorphic personalities.


A watercolor painting with layered abstract shapesHeart Shaped Sunnies, watercolor on paper

Where many of Ashleigh’s older works rely on smooth, layered forms that are completely opaque, more recently the artist has been working with…

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Headlines: Basel, Van Gogh and Snowflakes

1) Miami Basel's Sculpture Park Boasts Meaningful Public Art

A side view of Glenn Kaino's sculpture, Invisible Man


Art Basel Miami Beach is now underway, and here’s a look at some of the outdoor sculpture that’s being displayed as part of the fair. The full outdoor public art exhibition is titled “Ground Control,” and features separate works from 20 different participating artists. Though this Hyperallergic article notes that the equal gender representation of last year’s…

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Natural Textures: Art by Ryan Tippery

An ink drawing that looks like tree bark or woodUntitled, ink on paper

Ryan Tippery produces mixed media works that seem to reference natural textures while toeing the line between representation and abstraction. Frequently using ink and acrylic paint as media, the artist’s works are high-contrast and desaturated.

An abstract painting in black and white on beige paperUntitled, ink and acrylic on paper

There’s a certain satisfying simplicity to Tippery’s works. I like being able to focus on the texture of both the materials being…

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Fallingmoss: Art by Sarah Martin

A bulbous abstract form made from various textilesMound series, shibori dyed wool and silk

Sarah Martin works under the moniker Fallingmoss, creating mixed media artworks that incorporate unaltered natural materials as well as man-made artistic media. The resulting works are often surreal and alien takes on our own surroundings and environment.


An artwork made from a drape of buried cotton fabricFabricated Memories, buried cotton, fabric, thread

I’m quite taken by some of Sarah’s recent textile works. The artist has constructed a…

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Loose and Frantic Paintings by Teresa Tonner

An abstracted painting of daisies on a green backgroundDaisies at Day Break, acrylic on canvas

Painter Teresa Tonner creates delightfully loose and frantic paintings that oscillate between figuration and abstraction. Floral forms are common motifs in those paintings where discernable figures appear.


A painting using deep, dark red and black tonesBurgeoning, acrylic on canvas

Teresa’s background in classical animation comes to the forefront in the way the lines and brush strokes of her paintings seem to spin in a whirlwind of…

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Interactions of Color and Texture: Art by Radhika Matthews

A painting made with acrylic and sari fabricNamaskārām, acrylic and silk on linen

Radhika Matthews uses interactions of color and texture to explore the material nature of artworks, and her own ancestry. Radhika’s mixed media works are often composed using fabric from saris that have been worn by women in her family.

A painting with a raised pattern textureUNTITLED #8, acrylic on wood panel

Radhika’s artworks take the form of abstract paintings that, at a closer glance, are made up of not just strokes of vibrant…

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Studio Sunday: Salvador Dali

A photograph of Salvador Dali in his studio in the 1950s


This week’s Studio Sunday artist is Salvador Dali. Renowned for his beautiful works of surrealism, Dali was famous for being both a talented artist and a strange character. The artist was born in Spain and lived there for most of his life, setting up a studio in a fishing house in Portlligat, Catalonia, where he created many of his most famous works.


This fishing-house studio is pictured above – here it looks quite modest –…

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Headlines: Music, Movies, and Replica Art

1) The Future of Restoration May Lie in Convincing Forgery

A photo of a 3D replica made by Factum Arte


Technological advancements such as 3-D printing and digital scanning and rendering may be the next -  less dangerous - step forward in the preservation and restoration of ancient or endangered artworks. This article in the New Yorker looks specifically at a few different ancient artworks including the wall paintings inside King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber, that have been…

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