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Studio Sunday: Alan Lee

A photo of Alan Lee in his drawing studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Alan Lee. Lee is a British artist who creates book illustrations as well as concept designs for movies. Working most often in watercolor and pencil, Lee is best known for his fantasy illustrations including those in editions of classics like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.


Lee’s studio looks like the perfect cozy illustration studio. It reminds me a little bit of the studio of Art…

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Headlines: Slashed Painting, Brad Pitt, Radiohead

1) Art Supply Sales Jump Thanks to Large Protests

Anti-Trump protesters making signs in Brooklyn


A recent report has indicated a jump in art supply sales throughout major cities in the United States, thanks mainly to the increase in large-scale protests following the election of Donald Trump. According to the report, the week prior to the International Women’s March on January 21st saw a 33 percent increase in sales of poster boards and a 42 percent increase in sales of foam…

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A Hands-On Approach: Art by Eloise Shelton-Mayo

An oil and wax painting of abstracted shapesTangerine, oil and cold wax with oil stick on cradled board

Virginia-based artist Eloise Shelton-Mayo creates abstract works in mixed media. Favoring encaustic, cold wax and oil paint, Eloise creates layered compositions that express a hands-on approach to artwork.


An encaustic wax artwork of a simple landscapeVista, encaustic, oil pastel, ink and paper


Many of Eloise’s abstract works tend toward subdued colors reminiscent of painting works throughout the early 20th century.…

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Identity and Self-Image: Art by Michele Ridgeway

A photograph of a sculpture by Michele Ridgewaywhat we show

Michele Ridgeway is an artist currently based in Hancock, Massachusetts. Michele’s works often explore identity and self-image as fragile, tactile masks.


Good enough fences


I love Michele’s frequent use of ethereal media like gingerbread in her projects. Her video work Good Enough Fences, shows the artist slowly building a wall of gingerbread bricks and icing, while a voiceover offers a poetic description of a…

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Ephemeral Moments: Painting by Anne Popperwell

A painting of a coastal sunsetTrincomali Channel, acrylic on canvas

Anne Popperwell specializes in smooth, airy paintings that offer the viewer a sense of radiant calm. Born in Oakland, California and now based on Saturna Island on the B.C. coast, Anne’s creations capture ephemeral moments of lighting and color in the natural world.


A watercolor painting of a breaking waveBreaking Edges, watercolor


I’m really taken by Anne’s gallery of recent works – the artist seems to have a knack for…

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Conscious and Subconscious: Digital Art by Douglas Zest

An abstract digital image with warm colorsFeng Shui

Douglas Zest is an Ontario-based digital artist who creates dreamlike compositions that address the tension between conscious and subconscious. Douglas’ works have a sleek yet varied aesthetic, each prompting a very different reaction by the viewer.


An abstract digital image with dark colors and bulbous formsCarnival

I really enjoy Douglas’ abstract works – in this area of his portfolio he seems to excel with experimentation, pushing the digital medium to discover where it…

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Sugar-Coated Grotesquerie: Art by Christian Rex Van Minnen

A 2016 painting by Christian Rex Van MinnenUnititled

Christian Rex Van Minnen’s paintings offer viewers a delightfully confusing blend of bright, friendly forms and biological terror. The artist’s paintings reference classical portraiture and still-life painting styles, adding bits of candy, vaguely occult imagery and tattoos to create bizarre, sugar-coated grotesquerie.


A 2015 painting by Christian Rex Van MinnenUntitled

I’m really impressed by the consistent, incredibly detailed realism in Van Minnen’s works.…

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Impressionist Aesthetic: Art by Gary Doll

A painting of wetlands in the BC interiorWetlands-Kelowna, B.C., oil on wood

Gary Doll is an artist who currently lives and works in Kelowna, BC. Gary’s paintings have an impressionist aesthetic and portray a range of facets of the Canadian landscape, from sunlit prairie scenes to mountain ranges and cities.


A painting of a church in QuebecSaint Jean sur Richileau - Quebec, oil on canvas

I like the way that Gary has developed a distinct style but still manages to carve out room for the occasional…

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Deeply Saturated Abstract Works by José Fernando Londono

An abstract painting with forms of three thick linesLavender Lines, acrylic paint, molding paste, opaque flakes on canvas

José Fernando Londono was born in Colombia but has spent most of his life in New York. He creates deeply saturated abstract works that seem imbued with great emotion.


An abstract painting expressing the feel of an undersea landscapeThe Depths of The Sea, acrylic, GOLDEN interference paint and soft mat molding paste on canvas


José has been creating art for much of his life, and was recently drawn to it again as a way of…

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Shifts in Perception: Art by Yvonne Vander Kooi

An abstracted painting of a young girlMoeder, acrylic on canvas

Located on Vancouver Island, Yvonne Vander Kooi creates semi-abstract paintings that express shifts in perception, while maintaining a focus on the materiality of paint. Yvonne’s recent works frequently feature childlike human figures and highly saturated colors.


An abstracted painting of a female figure on a yellow washBecoming 4, acrylic on canvas

I really enjoy the way that this artist effortlessly blends figurative and abstract work. While she tends toward…

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Kinetic Lenz: Art by Len Millward

Summer Afternoon


Len Millward has been creating works of kinetic sculpture since 1968, when he discovered the practice as part of his studies in Art Education at Colorado State College. Len’s “Kinetic Lenz” works take the form of videos and stills filled with refracted rays of colored light.


A still of Len Millward's kinetic lenzUntitled (still)


Len’s video works leave the exact nature of the kinetic device ambiguous, focusing instead on the imagery that it…

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Studio Sunday: Jennifer Beinhacker

A photograph of the interior of Jennifer Beinhacker's art studio



Studio Sunday artist Jennifer Beinhacker is based in Brooklyn, New York, where she creates art in a modest attic studio. The artist‘s work often takes the form of busy, colorful mixed media works, serving as representations of her artist’s thoughts and feelings.


Beinhacker’s studio space has a cozy-yet-modern feel to it.  The white walls and bright lighting are quite homey. I rather like the slanted ceiling that tapers…

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Close-Up Views: Photography by L.M. Braun

A photo of a thistle plantThistle, digital image

Luis Miguel Braun, also known as L.M. Braun, is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in stylized photographs of the local landscape and flora. Luis’ photographs often put the focus on close-up views of individual plants and natural features.

A subdued macro photo of a cactusCacti, digital infrared image

I enjoy the sense of color that Luis brings to all of his works. Though the photographs in his portfolio range from highly saturated to…

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Studio Sunday: Fia Cielen

An interior photo of Fia Cielen's studio space.


This week on Studio Sunday, let’s take a look inside the studio of Fia Cielen. Cielen, a Belgian artist, works in this beautiful studio space in Antwerp. Known for her drawings, sculptures and installations, the artist creates works that are surreal and difficult to unpack, showcasing a mysterious world with slightly sinister undertones.  


Cielen’s studio is the picture of modern comfort and aesthetics. Her desk appears quite…

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Lush, Intricate Landscapes by Charles and Lavetta Rhinehart

A painting by Charles RhinehartWho Was Here First, oil on board (Charles Rhinehart)

Missouri-based artists Charles Rhinehart and Lavetta Rhinehart hold studio practices that are inextricably linked. The pair are primarily painters, creating lush, intricate landscapes that echo the other’s style.


A painting of a figure in an abstracted sceneNocturnal Angels


I’m quite impressed by Charles’ fantasy scenes, painted in oil on board. These imagery is something like what you’d see on a vintage movie…

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