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Panoramic Views of Urban Space: Photography by Eric Deis

A photo of an urban scene taken from above the groundLast Chance - Documentation #2, photographic installation

Photographer Eric Deis specializes in panoramic views of urban spaces, capturing interesting, unintentional juxtapositions between buildings, or moments of beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed. Based in Vancouver, when he’s not taking photos Eric helps fellow artists design and create their own art websites.


A photograph of a forest in BCForest, archival pigment print mounted on aluminum


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Headlines: Verlaine's Gun, Talking Robots and Beast Jesus 2.0

1) Christie's to Auction Poetic Weapon

An auction photo of the gun used by Verlaine to shoot Rimbaud

Christie’s has announced that it will be selling a weapon of attempted murder last used in the 19th century. A gun that served as the culmination of a well-documented feud between the French poets Verlaine and Rimbaud will go on auction in Paris in November, where it’s expected to sell for between $55,000 and $76,000 USD. Rimbaud and Verlaine, once inseparable friends, began a series of vicious…

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Odd Facets of the Human Form: Art by Evelyn Bencicova

A photograph of a model from behindUntitled

Evelyn Bencicova was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and is currently studying art in Vienna. Working mainly with photography, Bencicova’s artworks capture the odd facets of the human form in stark view with bits and pieces of added detail.


A photograph of numerous figures in an academic theatreASYMPTOTE, collaboration with Adam Csoka Keller

In some of her recent artworks, Bencicova has been experimenting with coating the body in a type of visual “second skin,” a coat of wax…

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Biomorphic, Tactile Imagery: Painting by Jarmila Kostliva

An abstracted painting of a face with an active imaginationLanguage Drill, acrylic on canvas

Jarmila Kostliva was born in Prague and went on to study art within the Czech Republic – though her works have been exhibited across the world including in North America. The artist combines tropes of figurative and abstract painting to create biomorphic, tactile imagery in paint.


A painting of two red blobs with abstracted forms withinBeams on Data, acrylic on canvas

It’s quite fascinating to look at Jarmila’s works, especially in the way that she…

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Latin Heritage: Art by Carmen Estrada

A cubist-like painting of a man on horsebackHorseman

Painter Carmen Estrada uses her art to express both her Latin heritage and a reverence old masters such as Monet and Van Gogh. Currently living and working in Mazatlán, Mexico, Carmen has built a diverse and expressive art portfolio.


A painting of a group of people dancingLopez Sainz Musica

I especially enjoy looking through Carmen’s gallery of Latina art, where she showcases her original paintings. The works here are primarily figurative and feature styles and…

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Regal Sculptures of Animals by Jason Shanaman

A sculpture of Christopher, an ape from the Center for Great ApesUntitled, hydrostone with bronze coating

Featured artist Jason Shanaman creates regal sculptures of animals with a particular eye for apes, gorillas and orangutans. Usually working with hydrostone, a strong sculpting plaster, the artist makes lasting sculptures and functional, wearable objects.


A sculpture of Mari from the Center for Great ApesMari

The detail that Jason is able achieve in his works is quite impressive. For apes, each hair seems perfectly placed and delineated – for…

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Studio Sunday: David Lynch

A photo of David Lynch painting in his studio


While perhaps best known as a filmmaker, David Lynch is also a visual artist, and was originally trained as a painter and continues painting alongside his film work. As an artist, Lynch is known for his dark, murky-colored paintings that address dreams and subconscious thoughts in an off-kilter, abstracted way.


The above photo of Lynch’s studio makes the space seem suitable to the aesthetic that he’s cultivated over his…

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Emotional Connections to Animals: Art by Sarah Ronald

A drawing of a bear in deep cyan tonesCMYK Bear: Cyan, colored pencil, acrylic paint and resin mounted on panel

Sarah Ronald uses her work as a way of creating emotional connections to animals. Her works often portray wildlife in canonical portraiture, imbuing each subject with human-like personality traits and presumed relationships.


A drawing of a fox in a deep sleepSleeping Fox (I), coloured pencil on paper


I really enjoy the style that Sarah employs to create her animal portraits. The artist…

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Headlines: Basquiat, Pollock and Centaur

1) Never-Before-Seen Basquiats to Debut in Miami

Untitled by Jean-Michel Basquiat


X-Contemporary, a smaller art fair that runs in conjunction with Art Basel Miami, has announced that it will be displaying a few never-before-seen Basquiat works, made during the early years of the artist’s short career. Curated by Al Diaz, who himself collaborated with Basquiat at one point, has curated the collection. The works will appear in Miami’s Nobu Hotel from November 30th…

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Intensely Saturated Images: Photography by William Kent

A photograph of autumnal trees over clear water3 Colours at Bridge, photograph

Photographer William Kent creates intensely saturated images and panoramic views of natural landscapes. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Kent keeps his portfolio packed with photographs of various places and landscapes throughout North America.


A photo of a gorge in New York state3 Lookout Point, photograph

The colors that William manages to get in each of his photographs are quite astonishing. The landscape views seem even brighter and more…

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Scenes From Science Fiction: Digital Art by Beau Wright

A digital artwork combining mountains with rendered curvesFalls

Atlanta-based digital artist Beau Wright – working under the pseudonym Aspen Excel - creates surreal objects and scenes, using fragments of earthly phenomena and digitally rendered elements. The resulting works have the effect of incredible scenes from science fiction.


A digital artwork incorporating geometric shapes, rocks and treesTwister

I really love the blend of natural and synthetic textures present in each of Wright’s works. In recent pieces, the artist seems to display an…

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Detritus of Construction: Art by Sean Sweeney

A wall installation made from a ceiling tile in a custom frameUntitled, ceiling tile, spray paint, enamel, artist-made frame

Sean Sweeney’s installations reference the detritus of construction work and mass-produced architectural materials. The artist explores the tension between weightlessness and gravity through clever placement and manipulation of his materials.


A painting made from a screen print and latex paint on canvasMagenta, screen print and latex paint on canvas over panel

As we explored in our previous feature on Sean’s architectural…

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Driven by Intuition: Artwork by Char DeRouin

A painting made with scraps of fabric on the canvasAmerican Rag 1 (detail), 1940s and 50s quilt pieces and house paint on canvas

Northern California-based artist Char DeRouin makes work that is driven by intuition. She layers soft colors and textures and uses a variety of media including papier maché, textile, and painting.

A photo of some handmade textile journalsHandmade journals

Though Char has distinct gallery in her portfolio through which she displays different art mediums, I enjoy how cohesive her body of work is as a…

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Studio Sunday: Yue Minjun

A photo of Yue Minjun in his art studio


Chinese painter Yue Minjun is widely celebrated for his paintings that always feature human figures made in his own image, with faces frozen in laughter so intense that it becomes almost sarcastic. While the artist has been grouped in with the “cynical realism” movement in China, he personally rejects this label.


Yue’s studio must be a happy, if slightly manic place to be – I really love seeing the artist pictured here as…

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Vintage Teacups and Beautiful Florals: Watercolor by Jane Crosby

A watercolor painting of checkered lilliesCheckered Lillies, Rachel's, watecolour on cold-pressed paper

Vancouver, British Columbia artist Jane Crosby has a special affinity for vintage teacups and beautiful florals, which she renders in her highly detailed watercolors. Usually painted in the center of an expanse of white paper, the artist’s floral figures are peaceful and meditative.


A watercolor painting of a pacific dogwood flowerPacific Dogwood, British Columbia, watercolour on cold-pressed paper


Jane’s skill in…

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