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A Multitude of Colors: Art by Karine Molloy

An abstract painting with springlike colorsSpring is in the house, acrylic on canvas

Quebec-based artist Karine Molloy creates paintings that blend a multitude of colors and styles on each canvas. Karine’s current paintings serve as an exploration and a celebration of the materiality of paint, with each displaying a great range of experimentation with color and mark-making.


An acrylic painting with abstract forms on a dark backgroundOscar, acrylic on canvas


I really like the recent works from 2016 that Karine has made available on…

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Light as Circular Figures: Painting by Randall Stoltzfus

A painting by Randall StoltzfusCorona, acrylic dispersion with gold leaf on recycled polymer canvas

Randall Stoltzfus grew up in rural Virginia and later studied painting in Washington, D.C. His current practice is focused on detailed landscape paintings that view light as circular figures, creating paintings that sit somewhere between abstraction and figuration.


A painting with many overlapping circles of a blue gradientStorybook, acrylic dispersion with gold leaf on recycled polymer


Stoltzfus’ method of dividing the…

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Charcoal Portraiture by Izzy Vera

A charcoal drawing of a young boyAsmita

Izzy Vera is a Denver, Colorado-based artist who keeps a varied artistic practice with a specialized focus on charcoal portraiture. To the artist, portraiture is an intimate process of capturing the subject’s true personality.


A charcoal drawing of a young boy named SamuSamu

Izzy has spent a number of years doing volunteer work in Nepal, offering support for a home in the Kathmandu Valley where 25 children reside. A recent project of hers was to create charcoal…

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Jazz and Abstraction: Art by Melvin Clark

An abstract painting with overlapping geometric formsHabitat

Melvin Clark is a Pennsylvania-based artist who creates colorful paintings of jazz and abstraction. Influenced in part by the New York jazz scene of the 1980’s, Melvin’s painting focused on a wide range of subject matter but brings a certain musical sensibility to every image.


A painting with abstract and realistic momentsRemembrance


I’m really enjoying some of the works in Melvin’s abstract gallery in his online portfolio. These works seem to distill the…

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Fine Detail and Wild Imagination: Art by David Yawman

A painting of a woman wearing a flowered headdressMorgan, acrylic on cradled wood panel

Painter David Yawman works both in a classically-inspired figurative style, and a more expressionist mode of abstraction. These two different languages of image making sit neatly beside one another in David’s portfolio, creating an interesting tension between fine detail and wild imagination.


An abstract painting of deep, crimson and black tonesLuck Dragon Vs. The Minotaur, acrylic on wood panel


I really enjoy the use of light and shadow in…

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Psychology and Human Experience: Art by Amanda Dinse

A mixed media artwork of a girl swimmingSwim, watercolor, ink, and Sharpie on cold press paper

Amanda Dinse combines sculpture, painting and mixed media in her art portfolio, often addressing aspects of psychology and human experience. Her works frequently feature human figures, sometimes presented frankly and other times abstracted nearly beyond recognition.


A sculptural work by Amanda DinseBaggage

The works in Amanda’s sculpture gallery are quite intriguing – though they might be viewed as slightly…

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Studio Sunday: Heinz Mack

A photo of Heinz Mack in his studio


Heinz Mack is a German artist who is known as one of the founders of the ZERO art movement, a movement that reacted to the trend of abstract expressionism by decreeing that art should be devoid of color and emotion.


Despite his associations with ZERO, Mack’s studio looks bright and colorful, with the paintings behind him adding a certain cheerful aesthetic to the whole room. They’re large enough to have the presence of a…

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Studio Sunday: Adrian Ghenie

A photograph of Adrian Ghenie at work in his studio


Adrian Ghenie is a painter from Romania. His works are typically figurative, though often these figures are built up out of abstracted brush marks, or obscured with swipes of multi-colored paint. Ghenie’s works are often extremely large, taking up almost the space of an entire wall.


I like how dramatically lit Ghenie’s studio space is in this photograph – while he probably doesn’t work in this light all the time, something…

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Splashy, Panoramic Paintings by Leslie Lemieux

An abstract painting in deep purple and red huesReturn to Stardust, acrylic on gessoed board

Oregon-based artist Leslie Ann Lemieux creates splashy, panoramic paintings that tell a story. Leslie’s abstract paintings also appear on clothing designs.


An abstract painting with heavy, illustrative linesFantasy Dragons, and acrylic and water medias on board


I love the way that Leslie seems to bring a lot of competing elements together into a highly cohesive visual narrative. In many of her paintings, numerous curving, intersecting…

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Headlines: Bulls, Bombs, and Bullies

1) New York's Chinatown Gathers Submission for New Public Artwork

The Canal Street triangle in New York's Chinatown


New York’s Chinatown is putting out a call for submissions for a new work of public art to be installed at the point between Chinatown and Little Italy. Submissions are being accepted until June 19, with the prompt “Gateways to Chinatown.” With a set budget of $900,000 USD, the project’s goal is to promote Chinatown’s increasing identity as a center for the…

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Stylized Standing Figures: Sculpture by Gosia

A sculpture of a standing figure with painted-on featuresBeneath the Waves, polymer gypsum

Gosia is a sculptor who was born in Poland and now lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. The artist’s works often take the form of highly stylized standing figures, created with simple, pale human forms embellished with moments of color and added materials to elevate them to a new conceptual level.


A sculpture of two standing figures with blue paintInto the Ocean, polymer gypsum


I really love how much Gosia is able to convey using fairly clean and…

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Self-Contained, Non-Referential Artworks by Bill Campbell

A mixed media artwork focused on blue tones18042016

Bill Campbell was born in Quebec and has traveled and exhibited his work both in Canada and in several Japanese cities. In his artwork, Bill focuses on creating self-contained, non-referential artworks that celebrate the interactions between the medium and the substrate.

An abstract painting of a harbor townHarbour Town

Bill’s gallery of mixed media on canvas works is quite fascinating when seen through the lens of Bill’s method of working. Each artwork in…

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Shifts in Identity: Art by Hayv Kahraman

A painting of disjointed figures on raw linenAsk one prisoner to come close to translate for another, oil on linen

Hayv Kahraman was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and is now based in Los Angeles. Her artworks often express her early experiences as an Iraqi refugee and the shifts in identity associated with coming to the United States. Kahraman’s works take the form of figurative paintings and abstract sculptures, with occasional overlap between the two styles.


A painting by Hayv KahramanHouse in Gaylani, oil…

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Block Prints and Stamp Techniques: Art by Mandira Bhaduri

An artwork consisting of acrylic and stamp marks on paperMoments Unnoticed 4, gesso, acrylic paint, ink, stencil, rubber stamps and acrylic gel on paper

Mandira Bhaduri was born in Kolkata, India, and recently moved back to her hometown after spending just over a decade in the United States. Mandira’s artworks often utilize acrylic media with block prints and stamp techniques creating a unique aesthetic that exists somewhere between painting and collage.


A mixed media abstract artwork with a base of light pink huesPatina of Love 1, acrylic paint,…

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Watercolor Animal Paintings by Lisa Baechtle

A watercolor painting of sea turtles flying through a dreamscapeFlying Turtles, watercolor on 300# paper

Lisa Baechtle is currently based in rural New York, where she creates watercolor animal paintings both of exotic creatures and household pets. Working from a place of intuition and emotion, Lisa’s work captures the personality of each of her subjects.


A painting of a happy dogKipper

Lisa paints all of her works on heavy rag paper which I find lends her watercolor work a sturdier, slightly less delicate sensibility.…

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