A photo of Terry Frost sitting in his art studio


Let’s look inside the studio of Sir Terry Frost! Frost was an English abstract artist who lived and worked in Newlyn, Cornwall. The artist’s studio overlooked the coast, and in this photo it looks like a wonderful view – you can even see some people walking on the beach below. It would be wonderful to have a studio with such a large picture window, especially in the summer, both for the warm breeze and the amount of natural…

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A photo of Ellsworth Kelly at work in his studio


Today we’re looking inside the Spencertown, New York studio of Ellsworth Kelly. The expansive 15,000 square-foot studio has no windows, but numerous skylights let in all the natural light that Kelly needed to work. Ellsworth Kelly continued working in this studio right up until his death last year, and the space likely remains unchanged as of this writing.


The artist’s studio looks bright and well lit – I love the simple…

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1) Hirst to Construct Subterranean Batcave in London


A blueprint of Damien Hirst's proposed batcave under his London mansion



Damien Hirst is at it again, this time making headlines with a proposal to build a “batcave” under his mansion in London, England. While the artist’s plans for an underground lair have earned some derision from city officials, they have been nonetheless approved, and Hirst’s construction is set to go ahead in the near future. The subterranean expansion will reportedly…

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A photograph of an autumn forest by Frederick Ardley


Frederick Ardley is a British photographer who seeks to bring out the drama and mystery in the landscape. Ardley has traveled around the world, taking photographs of expansive landscapes in many different countries and climates.


Ardley puts a huge emphasis on sky and lighting in his photographs, creating images that draw the viewer in with their incredible depth and scope. In his cityscapes, like his series on Dubai and Milan, the…

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A painting of birds using deep blue and green tonesNight Birds, oil and mixed media on canvas

Featured artist Dick Roberts specializes in smooth, undulating paintings that toe the line between abstraction and figuration, landing somewhere in between. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, Dick has a background in science museum and aquarium exhibit design – experience that shines in his deep blue abstractions.


An abstract painting with a large area of negative spaceThe Conversation, oil and mixed media on canvas…

A screen capture of Dick Robert's art website

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A painting by Brandon Bird of people playing video games without Harrison FordNo One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford, oil on canvas

Los Angeles-based artist Brandon Bird’s paintings and drawings are heavily influenced by pop and consumer culture, with a half-cynical, half-humorous edge. The majority of the artist’s works feature recognizable figures both from fiction and reality.


A painting of the exterior of a Sears store in TorranceTorrance, oil on board

A recent series by Bird comprises a number of paintings of Sears store exteriors. The exteriors are…

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A Sam Meisner ccomic strip featuring the character GeorgeGeorge in 4-H 1: Posing Your Rabbit

Sam Meisner is the creator of a series of comic strips and short animations that center on a character named George. George’s adventures are lighthearted and humorous, focusing on slapstick elements of the mundane and everyday life.


Drippy the Liquid Man 


 Sam’s online portfolio at www.thegeorgechannel.com features examples of George strips dating back to the comic’s inception in 2004.…

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A painting by Dan Witz of a packed mosh pitBrite Nite 1, oil on canvas

Dan Witz is a New York-based painter and street artist whose work often takes the form of shadowy, or high-contrast paintings that emulate interior nighttime lighting. Witz is well-known for his series of paintings of mosh pits, where crowds of detailed figures collide across the canvas.


A painting by Dan Witz of a lamp against a dark red curtainEcono Lodge, oil and mixed media on canvas

I find Witz’s mosh pit paintings really interesting, both in the choice of…

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A mosaic artwork made from fragments of eggshellAutumn Birches, eggshell mosaic

New York artist Linda Biggers crafts intricate mosaics out of a variety of interesting materials. Central to her practice are Linda’s eggshell mosaics, in which the artist uses coloured eggshell fragments to create flowing, detailed mosaics.


A mosaic made from chunks of slate laid over stained glassOrange, slate and stained glass mosaic

I really love Linda’s series of slate mosaics – these are something of a departure from what we normally think of as…

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A mixed media artwork with a raised circle of wrapped barbed wireRing #3, polyester ribbon, four-pronged barbed wire, acrylic paint, sand, dried leaves, charcoal, string, canvas, oil, industrial insulation

Today’s featured artist is John Turner. John uses a variety of somewhat unorthodox mixed media to create heavily textured abstract paintings. The artist’s works celebrate an earthy look while depicting modern and minimalist geometric subject matter.


The gallery of Ring paintings on John Turner's websiteJohn's website gallery of Ring paintings…


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A geometric abstract painting featuring deep blue tonesLonging, oil on canvas

Featured artist Mary Crockett creates abstract paintings, monoprints and etchings that have a patterned, geometric edge to them. Mary earned her BA from the Winchester School of Art. She is currently based out of her studio in Penzance.  

A monoprint image with several diamond shapes and overlapping coloursElmina, monoprint

I really like the deep, electric blue tone that appears as a common motif in the paintings and prints in Mary’s portfolio. Many of her works use different…

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An abstract painting with a blue and white sunburst on a red backgroundMaelstrom, acrylic on canvas

Bruce Meberg is a New York-based abstract painter. With an educational background in science and a great love for jazz music, the artist’s creations exist where scientific discipline meets pure creativity.

An abstract painting with a blue structure set against a pale yellow backgroundMolecular, acrylic and texture on canvas

With series titles such as Astral/Quantum and Signs of Life, the scientific and speculative influence in Bruce’s work is clear. The paintings themselves are…

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A photo of Alexander Calder working in his studio in the 1960's


Let’s take a look inside the studio of Alexander Calder. Calder was an American sculptor who produced large-scale hanging mobiles, as well as stationary floor sculptures that he called “stabiles.” The artist frequently produced his work using large pieces of sheet metal, many of which are visible in the above photo of his studio.


Calder was born in 1898 in Pennsylvania, and studied mechanical engineering in his early career.…

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A photo of Jackson Pollock working in his studio



Famed American abstract-expressionist painter Jackson Pollock worked in a predictable paint-splattered home studio in East Hampton on Long Island, New York. Pollock and his wife, Lee Krasner, moved to the house in 1945. After Krasner’s death in the 1980’s, the house was converted into an art museum and educational space at the request of the artist.


The studio inside Pollock’s home is rather Spartan – the wood paneled…

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A painting composed mainly of blue and red tonesRun Away Summer, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Skai Fowler. Skai graduated from Vancouver, BC’s Emily Carr University in 1985 and has been working in the arts ever since. In her current practice, Skai is creating wonderfully immersive abstract paintings that speak to her local, as well as more universal concepts.


A painting composed of yellow and red tonesRubato, acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of Skai Fowler's recent work on her art websiteSkai's Sounds of the City gallery

The artist’s most recent painting series…

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