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Motifs of Childhood: Art by Jeannie Polisuk

A painting of three childlike figures with stuffed animal facesTriangulation, oil and wax on panel

Featured artist Jeannie Polisuk works in painting and sculpture, creating sometimes cute, sometimes eerie works with the motifs of childhood. Stuffed bunnies in unlikely situations and poses abound in her painting gallery, while the artist’s subdued colour choices project an interesting and odd mood.


A painting of a large rabbit holding a young womanHolding Pattern, oil on canvas

Jeannie’s oil paintings are interesting in that they tend to use…

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Human Figures and Movements: Art by Michael Lightsey

A digital painting of abstracted human figuresHercules and Hylas, digital giclee print

Michael Lightsey’s vast portfolio is filled with both abstract and figurative works that exemplify the artist’s quest to document and understand human figures and movements. Working in traditional and digital media, Michael explores configurations and ways of portraying humanity.


An abstract painting taking dance moves as its inspirationUntitled, (a paint and dance trio with Lissa Resnick and Chris DiBiase)

I’m impressed by the way that Michael…

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Studio Sunday: Angela Dufresne

A photo of a group of people visiting Angela Dufresne's studio


Today we’re featuring the studio of Angela Dufresne. The above photo captures a group of students during a studio visit with the artist. As faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design, I wonder if Dufresne doesn’t often entertain such groups in her studio.  


Based in New York, Dufresne is a painter whose works are representational and reference obtuse and mysterious narratives, though they tend not to reveal much about their…

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Black and White Film Photography by Jo Ann Kronquist

A photo of several photo prints in the artist's studioView to the Horizon, silver gelatin prints (pictured in the studio)

Jo Ann Kronquist studied photography at Emily Carr University and continues to practice traditional black and white film photography today. In addition to her artistic photography practice, Jo Ann runs a framing shop in Vancouver, BC, called Framequist.


A self-portrait of the artist wearing a ventilation maskSelf-Portrait with Mask, silver gelatin photograph

Jo Ann’s photography style is clean and tends to focus on a…

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Headlines: Billboards, Buildings and Breakages

1) Artists in Flint Respond to Water Crisis

A photograph with the artist Desiree Duell in a 2015 performance for A Body of Water in Flint


Here’s a fascinating look at how local artists and performers are reacting to the Flint Water Crisis, in attempts to shed light on the situation and offer up some semblance of normalcy to a population that feels powerless. According to the article, which delves into the many iterations of public art, performance, and spoken word that are taking place in the city, Flint’s population has…

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Divisions of Space: Art by Eva Berendes

A sculptural installation that mimics the form of playground equipmentUntitled (Monday & Tuesday), steel, lacquer

Berlin-based artist Eva Berendes creates artworks that serve both as divisions of space and objects in their own right. Mimicking the forms of folding room dividers, playground equipment, shop kiosk hangers and more, the artist distills common functional designs into their basic geometric forms.

A sculptural installation of a room divider in a large warehouse spaceUntitled (Osaka), installation view at Bold Tendencies, London

I find the grid design that appears…

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Painted Media and Crochet by Beverly Parson White

An oil painting of autumnal treesRed Tree, oil on canvas

Beverly Parson White is an artist who works in both painted media and crochet. The artist’s warm, soft style carries over from her dreamy landscapes into her useful crochet projects which include purses, dishcloths and pot holders.


A painting of an outcropping of rocks on the shoreSea with Rocks, oil on canvas

I enjoy the slightly loose brush work that Beverly uses in her paintings. Her current portfolio features a number of landscape paintings as well as…

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Indoors and Outdoors: Artworks by Rachel Lambert

A photograph of several twisting tree branchesTwist, photograph

Our featured artist today is Rachel Lambert! Rachel is located in Boise, Idaho where she uses a variety of media to explore and emulate natural forms. Many of Rachel’s works explore the contrast between indoors and outdoors and the modern, Western human’s relationship to nature.


An installation made from various materials to look like a waterfallOutside Living Room, Waterfall Curtain, (installation view)

Rachel’s gallery of Earth Photography focuses on interesting subjects that…

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Photography and Identity: Multimedia Art by Leenda Bonilla

A collage made from found magazine imagesNeoRican Delight, collage with found magazine

Multimedia artist Leenda Bonilla grew up in the Bronx, NY and in Puerto Rico. Her artistic practice spans numerous concepts and styles, though she tends to use photography and identity as a starting point.


An installation view of an art piece made from pans and fake plantainsOllas de Cocina (detail), ceramic, video, resin plantains, found objects


Oftentimes, Leenda’s works take the form of collages. These collages are sometimes composed with…

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Studio Sunday: Tomory Dodge

A photograph of Tomory Dodge's studio

Happy Sunday! It’s a great day to check out the studio of painter Tomory Dodge. Dodge works primarily in abstraction, creating forms with heavy, thick brush marks that suggest the forms of windblown detritus and other objects and scenarios seen from afar. There is a great sense of movement in all of Dodge’s works. The artist was born in Denver, Colorado and now lives and works in Los Angeles.


Dodge’s studio looks like a pretty…

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Headlines: Museums, Trees and Internships

1) Palestine Museum Opens Without Any Art


A photo of the exterior of the Palestine Museum

The new 3,500 square-foot Palestine Museum opened on May 18th, without a collection or a current exhibition. Director Mahmoud Hawari was only appointed two weeks prior to the opening. While perhaps a strange opening in the tradition of art museums, the show focused on the architecture and design of the building and its gardens, and was apparently reasonably well-received. In future, the…

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Survey of Los Angeles Dwellings: Art by Lesley Goren

A painting of the Baldwin Hills area in Los Angeles CountyBaldwin Hills

Lesley Goren’s Survey of Los Angeles Dwellings is a series in which the artist draws and paints small images of various homes in and around the area of Los Angeles County in California. The resulting paintings are simplified, almost geometric depictions of a wide range of homes and the lifestyles therein.


A painting of a house in the Westlake Village area of Los Angeles CountyWestlake Village, gouache on panel


The painting style that Lesley uses in her Los Angeles works is quite…

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Photo-realistic Drawings by Genevieve Desy

A pencil crayon drawing of two foxesRenards, Faber Castell pencil crayons on bristol paper

Today’s featured artist, Genevieve Desy, is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Quebec City. Genevieve’s photo-realistic drawings of animals and people are sweet and delicate.


A pencil crayon drawing of two guinea pigsTeddy & River, Faber Castell pencil crayons on bristol paper

I really enjoy the way that Genevieve uses drawing media to render the texture of soft animal fur. Whether she’s drawing a small…

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Subtle Complexity: Artwork by Dirk Stewen

An artwork composed of a series of abstracted imagesUntitled, inkjet prints, ink on paper, vintage paper, fabric, steel needles

Dirk Stewen lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, creating ethereal works on paper that utilize a variety of media and techniques. His abstract works on paper exhibit subtle complexity while utilizing a desaturated colour palette.


Stewen often incorporates photographs and embroidery or thread into his works. The photographs tend to be either obscured or faded,…

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Colourful Seaside Villages: Painting by Karleen Kareem

A painting of several houses on the sea shoreQuaint Town by the Sea, acrylic

Florida-based artist Karleen Kareem uses acrylic and watercolour paints to depict colourful seaside villages. Karleen’s style is bright and friendly, and she has a knack for rendering complex collections of buildings and foliage in a deceptively simplified manner.


A watercolour painting of several birds and flowersBirds and Flowers, watercolour

I really enjoy Karleen’s acrylic paintings, particularly those where she paints houses on seaside hills as…

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