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Black or White Photography by Kevin Callahan

A photo of a vintage rooftop building signMusic Man

Originally from rural Ohio, Kevin Callahan has been a photography enthusiast all his life, and now creates professional photos on both a personal and commissioned basis. Kevin showcases his photographic works on his Black or White photography website.


A photo of a pair of birds sitting on a reedBirds on a Reed


Kevin’s portfolio covers a wide range of subject matter, from staged portraits and candid festival photos, to sweeping snapshots of wilderness and urban…

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Town Portraits: Art by Tom Menard

An illustration of the town of NorwichNorwich

Tom Menard is a self-taught artist who works with a pointillism-inspired technique, creating intricate town portraits. Based in small-town Connecticut, Tom is inspired by the architecture and surroundings of New England villages.


An illustration of a rosy red houseRoseland Red


I love the illustrative quality of Tom’s paintings – the incredible level of detail that the artist strives for seems both meticulous and playful, as if the artist is genuinely…

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Studio Sunday: Joan Miro

A photo of Joan Miro surrounded by paintings in his studio in Mallorca


This week’s Studio Sunday artist Joan Miro. Miro was a Spanish artist known mainly for painting and sculpture, and as one of the pioneering artists of surrealist abstraction in the early to mid-twentieth century. Born in Barcelona in 1893, Miro spent the majority of his career living and working in Spain and, occasionally, Paris.


The above photo shows Miro reclining in his studio in Mallorca, Spain, in 1977. This studio was…

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Professional Hair Styling: Art by Boyd Tizenor

A mixed media artwork of a colorful butterflyJOY, mixed media on wood

Boyd Tizenor is an artist and a professional hairdresser. In his personal practice, the artist creates energetic abstraction on wood panels and surfboards, drawing on this artistic energy in his professional hair styling work.


A professional hairstyle for a photoshootUntitled, hairstyle


It’s really interesting to see the types of hairstyles that Boyd produces, alongside his personal body of paintings. While the two media are very different,…

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Headlines: Momofuku, Confederate Monuments, Pantone

1) Encouraging Creative Thought Through Instant Noodles

A wall of ramen packaging at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Japan

Here’s a profile of the Japanese museum dedicated to instant ramen noodles. The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is named after the inventor of instant noodles, and features exhibitions about everything from the invention process to current packaging designs. Guests can even participate in interactive exhibits - one in which visitors make their own instant noodles from scratch,…

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Elemental Abstractions: Art by Edward Welch

An abstract drawing with bright blue huesUntitled

New York-based artist Edward Welch creates sweeping, elemental abstractions in traditional drawing media. The artist’s body of work is focused on color, with Edward treating color as an object in its own right.


An abstract drawing with thick and colorful line artUntitled


No matter the composition, the surfaces of Edward’s works are always completely covered in color. I enjoy the overlapping, cross-hatched nature of the artist’s hand – in series like Edward’s

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Ghostly Portraits: Watercolors by Graham Dean

A watercolor painting of a figure holding up a digital screenScreen

Watercolor painter Graham Dean utilizes the blotches and washed-out fields created by his medium to produce ghostly portraits and figurative paintings. Combining watercolor techniques with collage, Dean makes images that are imbued with a sense of mystery and wonder.


A watercolor collage of a marathon runner590

The artist produces traditional watercolors with an interesting technique, painting separate sheets of paper with different colors and thicknesses of…

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Smooth, Partially Abstracted Paintings by Richard Turtletaub

A painting triptych by Richard TurtletaubPipe Triptych, oil on canvas

Richard Turtletaub specializes in smooth, partially abstracted paintings that harken back to 60’s pop-art and commercial painting. Richard works professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator, and his works have appeared in various well-known publications.


A painting of a white shape silhouetted against a scenic backgroundParhelia, oil on canvas


Richard’s portfolio is packed with color-saturated and often surreal compositions that seem inspired by the likes…

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Surreal Fantasy Figures: Art by Armando Sebastian

A painting of a boy with insect antennaeBoy Beetle/ The Butterfly Evil's Spell, oil on canvas

Armando Sebastian is an artist from Mexico who paints surreal, fantasy figures drawing inspiration from vintage Mexican art, Japanese Manga, and other styles.  Armando’s works are thick with symbolism and a sense of ongoing narrative.


A painting of a fortune teller on a pink background with a birdFortune Teller/ Parallel Universe


I really enjoy this sense of symbolism that Armando uses in his works. The artist’s style is quite…

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Spun Cotton: Ornamental Artworks by Fascia Berlin

A spun cotton ornament made to look like a girl holding a snowflakeSilver Snowflake, natural cotton batting with silver glitter

Artist Fascia Berlin works specifically with spun cotton, creating intricate ornaments that toe the line between sculpture and textile art. Fascia sells many of her pieces through her website.


A springtime angel made from spun cottonStanding Flower Angel


Spun cotton sculpture is a technique originating in 19th century Germany, in which threads of cotton are wound tightly around an armature to create shapes and…

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Soft, Dreamy Paintings by Yvonne Foster

A painting of flowers in abstracted yellow tonesFlowers and Fields

Yvonne Foster, is originally from Wisconsin and is now based out of a studio space in Minneapolis. The artist creates soft, dreamy paintings of pastoral landscapes, florals, and abstract planes using traditional paint media.


A painting of a Wisconsin fieldField #2, acrylic on canvas

The majority of Yvonne’s portfolio works are created in acrylic and oil paint. Compositionally, the artist works with simplified forms, and deep patches of color,…

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Studio Sunday: Peter Voulkos

A photo of Peter Voulkos in his art studio


In this week’s Studio Sunday we’ll look at the studio of Peter Voulkos. Voulkos, born Panagiotis Voulkos to Greek parents in Bozeman, Montana, became a renowned ceramicist during the American Abstract Expressionist period. He was known in particular for large-scale clay sculptures that featured a rough, heavy aesthetic with ample evidence of the artist’s hand.


For a period of time, Voulkos shared his studio with fellow…

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Headlines: Water, Dogs, STEAM

1) Artist Plans Sale of Flint Water

A video still of Pope.L discussing his Flint Water Project


Artist Pope.L is planning an ambitious piece of conceptual art for the Detroit-based gallery, What Pipeline. Pope.L’s project, descriptively titled Flint Water Project, will involve the bottling and sale of 1,200 individual bottles of water from Flint, Michigan, the town which has become infamous for its protracted struggle with area government to restore clean drinking and tap water. In order to…

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Densely Patterned Forms: Art by Danielle Scott

An ink drawing of a large tree seen from a lower angleRegal, ink on 100lb archival Strathmore paper

Danielle J. Scott is an illustrator based in Coatesville, Indiana. Danielle’s black and white ink drawings depict densely patterned forms, often abstracted but inspired by trees, flowers, and other natural figures.


An abstract ink drawing with  patterned elementsMonster, ink on 105lb archival Strathmore paper


I really enjoy the level of detail and intricacy in Danielle’s line art. Her ink lines are dark, heavy and deliberate, and…

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Three-Dimensional Portraits: Art by Ron Buttler

A three-dimensional artwork depicting Clark KentClark Superman Kent

Currently based in Aiken, South Carolina, Ron Buttler is a mixed media artist and painter who often combines the aesthetics of painting with sculptural elements to create three-dimensional portraits and other works. Ron’s background is primarily in oil painting, though his most recent works have seen the artist experimenting with mixed media and paper maché.


A three-dimensional sculpture of a T-rex head emerging from a cartArt Cart with T-Rex, paper mache


I quite enjoy…

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