A ghostly chalk image of the Madison Square Garden signFright Night, enamel on wood

Gary Simmons was born in New York and continues to live and work there. The artist’s work frequently incorporates text and a sense of movement, with images and words that seem I the process of moving quickly across a surface, leaving lines and trails of paint behind them.


A chalk and enamel mural painted in the Dallas Cowboys stadiumBlue Field Explosions, installation view in Dallas Cowboys stadium

Simmons frequently uses text stencils that seem to be smudged, as…

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A mixed media  artwork depicting a number of male dancers in coattalesderein


Ronan Boyle, our featured artist today, creates work that is heavily influenced by punk and DIY art styles. Ronan is a self-taught artist. He was born in Derry, Northern Ireland and now lives and works in Vancouver, BC.


A screen capture of the front page of Ronan Doyle's websitewww.ronanboyleart.com

A mixed media artwork depicting people wearing pig face masksUntitled

Ronan’s works often incorporate elements of collage and street art, left with a certain hasty, unfinished edge to them. This is in keeping with the DIY art ideology, which…

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An abstract painting with lines of deep red and orangeUntitled 4

Today’s featured artist is Emil Harko. Emil’s painted works are highly cohesive as a series, each a small, self-contained abstraction that seems to express a city viewed flying by from the inside of a car or train.


Each of the paintings has a dominant colour, though they are far from monochromatic. I like the way Emil utilizes the colour of choice in a given painting to express a certain mood or temperature. Some of his…

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A UV print image of an abstract black form on a white backgroundGE-05-render-surrealists-07, UV direct on 3mm Sintra

Today’s featured artist is Jason Murphy. His two-dimensional, oddly charming minimalist compositions create a quiet, meditative viewing experience.


The artist’s latest project, Gravity Engine, looks specifically at the concept of social media and the overwhelming volume of content therein, attempting to “capture and reconcile the weight of meaning” of individual posts. The…

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A pen and ink drawing on the Oyama countryside in British ColumbiaOyama Looking North, pen and ink on paper

Lawrie Dignan is a Canadian artist who works primarily in pen and ink. He’s also our featured artist today! Lawrie got his start working as a technical draftsman in British Columbia before embarking on his artistic career.


An abstract pen and ink drawing of many coloured circled of different sizesThe Beginning, pen and ink on paper

A screen capture of the Art Cards gallery on Lawrie Dignan's websiteLawrie's Art Cards Gallery

In much of his work, the artist’s drafting background is quite visible. Though his works are often…

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A small, unfired clay sculpture of a nude male figureUntitled, live clay model

Shoko César is our featured artist today! Shoko is a sculptor and designer. The artist’s sculptural works are often crudely rendered in clay, lending them the appearance of unearthed ruins of an ancient city, or simply very weathered outdoor statues. They tend to depict human figures and are proportionally accurate while focusing more on the gesture and essence of the figure than on fine formal detail.  


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A pin-up style drawing of a woman wearing poison ivyPoison Ivy,  coloured pencil

Today let’s look at the artwork of Zara Spence, a painter and illustrator who specializes in highly stylized figurative works in acrylic and coloured pencil. The artist does caricature-style commissioned portraits as well as original works of her own design.


A triptych of paintings, each featuring a woman dressed as a sweet treatThree Sweet  Ladies

Zara’s works depict human, often female figures drawn with large anime-style eyes and a dark, gothic cartoon sensibility.…

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A photo of Chris Johanson at work in his studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Chris Johanson. Johanson is based in California and known for his simplified, sketchy street art and painting style. He began his artistic career in his early twenties after moving to San Francisco, where he became a part of a larger group of young street artists.


The above image of Johanson’s studio depicts the space as a long, rather narrow room that has few windows but seems well lit all…

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A close-up photo of Elizabeth Peyton's desk in her studio


It’s Studio Sunday! Let’s take a look inside the cute studio of Elizabeth Peyton. Peyton is an American artist, best known for painting portraits of friends and family members as well as celebrities and European royalty. Her small studio is located in New York.


The artist’s work desk is furnished with paintbrush holders, a tiny easel and a record player. Having a record player right next to one’s work desk like this seems…

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A painting of a flock of birds circling several security camerasCyan Flap, acrylic on birch

Our featured artist today is Belinda Harrow! Belinda works in a variety of media, exploring the complex relationships between nature and the man-made. Her sculptures, paintings, and mixed media works explore the subject of nature as adversarial or utilitarian through an exciting and welcoming lens.


A plush sculpture made to look like a beaver with a Bingo card printed on itBingo I, beaver fur, cotton, graphite and batting

A screen capture of the front page of Belinda Harrow's websiteThe front page of Belinda's website

Belinda’s works often…

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1) Grab a Free Short Story to Fill the Time


A photo of a short story vending machine from Short Edition in France


French publishing company Short Edition has installed eight short-story vending machines in public locations throughout the city of Grenoble, France. The idea is to encourage people to kill time by reading short literature, rather than constantly checking their phones. Each vending machine dispenses stories in one-minute, three-minute and five-minute length options. The stories are free,…

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An installation consisting of ornate bells and a room filled with sootInstallation in Ex Oratorio di San Lupo, Italy

Claudio Parmiggiani is a mixed media and installation artist whose works present often mundane objects that have been removed from their context and tweaked into a strange, unrecognizable state.


An installation consisting of hundreds of loaves of bread cast in ironChi mangia questo pane vivrà in eterno, iron-cast bread loaves


Uses interesting materials such as smoke and soot in his wood panel works. The soot is used in much the same manner as charcoal,…

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A painting of malt vinegar with his wife, fish and children, chipsMalt Vinegar

Cindy Scaife is our featured artist for today! Cindy’s body of personal work frequently revolves around creating images of adorable anthropomorphized foods and placing them in storybook settings – sometimes complete with lines of dialogue similar to what might be seen in a book for young children.


A painting of poutine wearing a dress and walking on icePoutine, acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of the True Patriot Grub gallery on Cindy Scaife's websiteCindy's True Patriot Grub painting gallery

I’m really enjoying the illustrative nature of…

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A white, twisting sculpture of a shape reminiscent of a Mobius stripEkpyrotic String II, fiberglass


Mariko Mori is a Japanese artist who is interested in the cosmos. A number of her works have centered around translating scientific research on physics and space into art.


Recent works take the form of fiberglass sculptures that express physical concepts, twisting and bending like the material of space and time. Some are twisted vertically, evoking the shape of DNA helixes, while others circle the…

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An image of a quilt with different photographs sewn into itNeedleworking

Our featured artist today is Julie McIntyre. Julie is a fibre and textile artist who is now based in Vancouver, BC. Julie’s body of work includes printmaking, textiles and combinations of the two. Much of Julie’s innovative textile artwork focuses on memory and her own past experiences – a fitting subject for quilts, often made from old scrap fabrics.  


An art piece made with prints and paper sewn together with textAesop's Fables, relief prints, assorted paper and thread


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