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Rustic, Functional Vessels: Ceramic Art by Kathryn Ruckman

A ceramic  serving dish with textural detailingOval Serving Dish, thrown rim attached to impressed slab

Edmonton-based artist Kathryn Ruckman works primarily in ceramics, creating rustic, functional vessels that have a loving, homemade appeal. The artist also experiments with painting and sculpture with an interest in natural landscapes and forms.


A stack of handmade ceramic bowlsSet of three large serving bowls

The front page of Kathryn Ruckman's websiteThe front page of Kathryn's website

All of Kathryn’s ceramic works have a heavy, tactile appearance…

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History, Religious Practices and Literature: Art by Kiki McGrath

A wall collage and drawing of two mythological figuresAriadne and the Minotaur, collage drawing, mixed media

Kiki McGrath is an artist who works with loosely representational imagery and disjointed forms to explore complex ideas relating to history, religious practices and literature. Kiki’s works tend toward earthy, neutral colours and the use of traditional media such as acrylic, collage and graphite drawing.


A wall-based collage and drawing of a giant spiderArachne, collage, drawing, mixed media

The artist’s recent series

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Studio Sunday: Piotr Kowalski

A photo of Piotr Kowalski working on a sculpture in his studio


Our Studio Sunday artist this week is Polish-born sculptor and conceptual artist Piotr Kowalski. Kowalski was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1927, at which point the city was still part of Poland. The artist fled the violence of WWII and lived in Brazil for a short time before studying architecture at MIT from 1947 to 1952.


The above photo, taken in the late 1960’s, depicts Kowalski in the process of creating his 1967 work Cube V.…

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Headlines: Surveillance, Beyoncé and Golf

1) Dutch Duo Design Anti-Surveillance Jackets

A photo of an anti-surveillance jacket designed by KOVRKOVR, Marcha Schagen and Leon Baauw

Dutch design duo KOVR, which comprises Marcha Schagen and Leon Baauw, have designed a line of bags and jackets that keep the wearer and their data safe from the prying eyes of public surveillance technology. Schagen and Baauw have backgrounds in fashion design and research-based design, respectively, two practices that come together beautifully in the set…

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Undulating Abstract Forms: Art by Nathan Carter

A painting with a narrow line of colour wrapping around bold shapesCOVERT CAPABLANCA HINTERTUR AND MICROFILM TRANSPARENCIES, paper, acrylic, ink, acetate colour gels, collage


Nathan Carter is a mixed-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Carter uses undulating abstract forms and bright, highly saturated colours to create artworks that jump off the canvas and look like two-dimensional sculptures or three-dimensional paintings.


I like the way Carter combines intense colours with stark white…

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The Meaning of Colours: Art by Ricardo Vela

A mixed media painting on glassFallen Angel, mixed media on glass

Featured artist Ricardo Vela works in many mediums with a special interest in the meaning of colours. While Ricardo’s practice spans a variety of subjects, styles and media, the artist always pays attention to the colours he uses, creating distinctly meaningful finished pieces.


A close-up photo of a red flowerRed Flower, photograph

The mixed media painting gallery on Ricardo Vela's websiteRicardo's recent paintings on his website

Some of Ricardo’s most recent artworks are painted in…

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Quiet, Detailed Artworks by Michael Mahoney

A still life drawing of several objects in pastelStill Life with a Tipped Metronome, pastel on paper

Michael Mahoney is an artist based in Macomb, Illinois. Working out of a studio in a commercial building, Michael creates quiet, detailed artworks in oil paint and sometimes pastel. His subject matter is of a classical nature, usually still-life or model paintings.


A still life painting of a hat and a ceramic hand on a tableStill Life With Hat and Hand, oil on canvas

Many of Michael’s more recent works are created using pastel on paper. I…

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Smooth Wood Forms: Sculpture by Larry Scaturro

A photo of an abstract walnut wood sculptureUntitled, walnut

Sculptor Larry Scaturro’s works draw from early modernist and abstract expressionist forms. Working in both figurative sculpture and abstraction, Larry’s smooth wood forms all have a certain human quality to them, whether it’s presented in geometric shapes or realistic detail.


A teak sculpture of one of Picasso's Demoiselles D'AvignonDemoiselle (after Picasso), teak

Larry’s inspirations and influences become clear in works where he utilizes the stylistic habits of…

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Studio Sunday: Robert Rauschenberg

A photograph of Robert Rauschenberg working in his studio


This Sunday let’s visit the studio of Robert Rauschenberg at the height of the artist’s career. Rauschenberg was a well-known American artist who produced work around the abstract expressionism movement and contributed to the later pop-art movement.


Rauschenberg’s studio looks crowded in this photo as it’s stuffed with art objects, possible works in progress and other unique pieces. Around the time the photograph was…

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Mathematics and Abstraction: Art by Nancy Ungar

A round painting of microscopic formsPacific Atoll, acrylic and oil on canvas

Mixed media artist Nancy Ungar incorporates varied disciplines into her artworks, with visible reference to biology, astronomy and more. Nancy’s artworks use varied techniques to create images that combine mathematics and abstraction.


An abstract digital artwork with forms that reference astronomyigor 2, square, printed on paper or aluminum or backlit

 I really enjoy the way that Nancy incorporates a scientific eye into her colourful artworks. The…

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Surreal Storybook Style: Art by Hannah Greely

A tempera painting of disembodied legs dancing in the airThe Party


Sculptor and painter Hannah Greely creates artwork in a surreal storybook style. Her sculptures echo the tone and appearance of her paintings, bringing the images to life in a three-dimensional format.


The artist favors the medium of tempera on paper in her two-dimensional works. It’s a medium that often appears in school art classes, and the style that Greely utilizes seems to reference this origin, in part, though her…

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Textured, Stylized Artworks by Sharri Weinberg

A painting of a red flower on a green backgroundUnder Flow

Sharri Weinberg lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona where she creates her textured, stylized artworks. Sharri’s paintings are incredibly vibrant, depicting figures, landscapes and natural forms in simplified detail that gives way to larger fields of colour.

A painting of an Arizona sunsetSun Salutation (Carefree,  AZ)

A screen capture of the front page of Sharri Weinberg's

Though bright colours and simple forms are consistent throughout Sharri’s portfolio, her works vary in terms of…

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White-Line Woodcut: Art by Bill Evaul

A woodcut print of a crowded city sceneCityCenter, woodcut print

Bill Evaul’s artworks are varied in medium and subject, but all incorporate bright colours and casual lines for an effect that’s as visually pleasing as it is cheerful. Bill has a special interest in a method of printing known as white-line woodcut, and he showcases his many wood block print artworks on his website.


A woodcut print of several ships in harbourSafe Harbor

I like the coloured effect that Bill draws out in his artworks, particularly…

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