Monoliths and Portals: Painting by Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of a black parallelogram on a pinkish landscapeLogic, acrylic on canvas

Today we’re featuring the art of Rebecca Chaperon! Based in Vancouver, BC, Rebecca creates paintings and sculptures that combine dark fairytale scenes with monolithic geometric symbols.


I love the combination of different moods and tones that Rebecca puts into each painting. Her human figures, as well as her larger crystalline “glacier” forms are often somewhat whimsical, inviting and even friendly in a way. The landscapes and scenery that her figures exist in, however, is usually bleak and desolate, sometimes literally dark (in the case of her series Like A Great Black Fire) and sometimes seemingly devoid of life, with expansive skies in the same pinkish tones, akin to a sunrise stopped in time.


A painting of two icebergs in a dark environment with small shapes flying around themIcebergs Falling in Love, acrylic on canvas

Rebecca’s most recent exhibition, Eccentric Gardens, reflects the scenery of her childhood garden, which has, in this iteration, been invaded by mysterious figures, black monoliths and portals, alongside human figures of little girls which perhaps echo Rebecca’s memories of a creative childhood in this environment.


A sculpture of a wavy rainbow coming out of the wallWavy Rainbow, wood with acrylic paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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