Cities at Night: Paintings by Dennis Ekstedt

An oil painting of an abstracted aerial view of a nighttime cityBeacon #6, oil on canvas

Dennis Ekstedt is an artist from Montreal who uses his painting practice to explore the image of cities at night, and the vast expanse of tiny lights that now comprise a landscape from above.


If you’ve ever arrived in a city by airplane at night, you’re probably familiar with the sort of scene that Dennis paints. I love how perfectly he manages to capture such a scene, despite the relatively simple forms that comprise his paintings, and the lack of specificity about what city, if any, each image is supposed to emulate. I prefer to think that Dennis simply paints the idea of a city at night, a ghost-like reflection of many memories of many different cities viewed under the same circumstance.


An abstracted aerial view of burning man, condensed into many lightsBurning Man #2, oil on canvas

On his portfolio at, Dennis provides a comprehensive collection of his paintings from 1999 up to his most recent 2014 works. I like being able to see the progression of different techniques, in combination with his dedication to the same subject matter.


A painting of a grid of city lights at nightPyramid Grid, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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