Dramatic, Polished Paintings by Ronald George Straight

An oil painting of a seagull sitting and looking out over the waterStumped, oil on canvas

Our featured artist today is Ronald George Straight! Ronald’s dramatic, polished paintings take nature and exaggerate it just enough to make it look like the cover of an epic comic book. I particularly enjoy the use of Ronald’s colour in his skies – sunsets become fireballs of red and orange tones that blend together, while colder, snowy skylines become washes of cool blues and purples.

An oil painting of an eagle soaring over a gnarled tree branchSearch, oil on canvas

Many of Ronald’s paintings use an interesting technique of dividing the canvas using lines of colour that look as if the light in the image is reflecting against a prism of some sort. This technique is really effective in bringing that bit of surreal magic to Ronald’s works.

Ronald George Straight's website of paintingsPainting gallery on www.ronald-george-straight.com

Born in Manitoba, Ronald has returned to his painting practice rather recently after a long break taking photographs and living life with his family. It’s nice to see such a talented artist pick up the brushes again! More of Ronald’s gorgeously coloured paintings are available for viewing and purchase on his art website.  


An oil painting of a lone horse walking through a snowy landscapeLong Journey, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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