Snow and Ice: Watercolours by Lisa Goren

A watercolour painting of a mushroom-shaped icebergMushroom Iceberg, Clayboard, watercolour on clayboard

For today’s feature, let’s take a look at the watercolour works of Lisa Goren! Fascinated by snow and ice, from a young age, Lisa has made several trips to the arctic to further her understanding of her favourite subject matter. She continues to paint beautiful arctic landscapes, challenging opinions of the arctic environment, and of the limitations of watercolour as a medium.

Lisa Goren's website of whale bone paintingsLisa's whale bone paintings on her website

I adore the geometry of these frozen spaces, the way plates of ice fit together over water, or stack up on top of each other to form glaciers, and the way that Lisa divides the landscape, yet keeps it cohesive. She uses an interesting mixture of colour, as well, opting for greens and sometimes touches of red in her palette, rather than the expected washes of blue and grey. This use of colour translates well into her whale bones, where the greens perhaps become moss or algae collecting on long abandoned skeletons.


A watercolour painting of a whale vertebraWhalebone #23, watercolour on paper

More of Lisa’s frozen watercolours are available on her artist website.


A watercolour painting of an icy antarctic landscapeAntarctic Landscape 2, watercolour on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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