Mystical, Illustrative Paintings by Soey Milk


An oil on paper painting of two women shrouded in paint textureDawn, oil on paper


Soey Milk is a young artist from Hollywood, CA. She is still a student but is already being talked about throughout the art world and has had her mystical, illustrative paintings featured in the likes of Hi-Fructose magazine.

An oil painting of several human figures combined with blocks of colour and flowersYou Know the Way that I Hide, oil on canvas

Milk’s work is incredibly technically smooth, with shiny, realistic faces surrounded by and interacting with other objects such as masks, small animals, insects, or just large brushstrokes and large blocks of colour. Milk’s loose, heavy brushwork is really great juxtaposed with the tightness of her figural forms, and the symbolic density of each of the paintings begs the viewer to keep looking, that they might discover even more meaning in the image.


I also find the artist’s pencil drawings quite lovely, and these once again express a combination of realistic skill and an appreciation of texture and negative space. Milk’s solo exhibition “Sinavro” opened on December 13th at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles.


A drawing of a girl wrapped in a red scarf, sitting on a blank backgroundPosy, pencil and watercolour on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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