Modern Renaissance: Art by Marco Battaglini

A classical-style portrait of a military figure set on a background of graffitiMa quanto sei bello

Costa Rican artist Marco Battaglini uses his artwork to explore the evolution of culture and knowledge. In some works, he combines classical paintings with modern pop-art references and graffiti for a modern renaissance look.  While the imagery appears almost collaged at first glance, looking at the paintings I find subtle details that really add to the ideas behind the pieces, like finding brand names tattooed on the cherubic figures that frequent these scenes.


A collaged image of a brain made to look like a grenadeI Think Therefore I am Dangerous, collage

I really like the way that Battaglini manages to combine extreme examples of both high and low-brow art to create something that’s in between the two. These works are thoughtful and contain enough conceptual depth to please a gallery owner, but also have a great deal of purely aesthetic appeal.


Battaglini also looks directly at thought processes, in some works using imagery of the human brain as a motif, particularly in his 2010 exhibition I Think Therefore I Am Dangerous, wherein the brain stands in for many different symbols of power, violence and money.

Classical bathing female figures set on a painted street-art backgroundImmortality


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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