Joyful, Positive Artworks by Cecile Blanche Bekolo Koe

A painting of two African masks by Cecile Blanche Bekolo KoeMask 02

Today’s featured artist hails from Brossard, Quebec – though she was born in Cameroon and has lived all over the world. Cecile Blanche Bekolo Koe creates joyful, positive artworks that utilize clean lines and bright colours to create a great sense of exuberance in her subject matter.


"On The Road" painting series on the website of Cecile Blanche Bekolo KoeCecile's gallery, "On The Road", on her website

I really enjoy the way that Cecile combines bright, splashy patterns and washes of paint with solid shapes and deep shadows – some of her figures are ethereal, made up entirely of different colours and patterns, while some of them appear solid, and the texture creates an effect like some sort of uncommon stone or marble. Most of the images on Cecile’s website – – are of her dancing figures. These paintings capture the movement and celebratory nature of a traditional African dance using minimal lines and shapes of solid pattern. While the paintings err more on the side of abstraction, they do so by stripping a figure down to its most basic, sketch-like elements, capturing the spirit of the dance. 


A stylized painting of a traditional African danceDance

A painting of several horsemen riding across a desert landscapeFantasia 2

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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