Simple, Eye-Catching Photos by Joseph Sullivan

A very close-up photograph of what looks like a web of white cotton threadsUntitled

Our featured artist today is Joseph Sullivan, a photographer originally from Sacramento, CA, and now based in Minneapolis. Joseph’s simple, eye catching photos use stark lighting and quiet composition to cast a rather thoughtful eye on his subjects, living and inanimate.


A photograph of many different feathers layered over each otherSelf-Portrait Series 1

The "past works" gallery page on Joseph Sullivan's photography websitePast works on Joseph's online portfolio 

It’s great to come across some really lovely abstract photography. Joseph’s “self-portrait” series captures close-ups of textures, from fabric, feathers, hair and other materials. It seems that all these textures might represent a facet or feeling of the artist’s whole persona. I like the idea of having a self-portrait that isn’t simply a photograph of the artist’s face.


Joseph’s model photography is similarly captivating. All his subjects seem like friends or acquaintances, and all are shot candidly in actions and situations that seem relatively mundane, yet also seem to speak volumes about the character of each individual. I can really get a sense of what it’s like to spend time with each of these people. These and more photos are available on Peter’s website,


A photograph of a young woman dressed in a steam punk styleAngle Iron

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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