Personal and Natural Environments: Art by Michael McEwing

A landscape oil painting of a grassy meadow overlooking marshlanLooking Down from the Meadow, oil on canvas

Artist and illustrator, Michael McEwing hails from New Brunswick and makes art about personal and natural environments. On Michael’s webpage you can view a variety of his different projects, all of which speak to different yet cohesive elements of Michael’s interests.


A woodblock print with images of a young boy looking at the moon, and schematic diagramsDans La Lune No. 13, woodblock print and mixed media

Michael’s artworks range from paintings, to printmaking to installation. In one current project, Michael is traveling around New Brunswick, going to protected natural habitats and creating paintings of each one. His painting style is smooth and panoramic, with a great attention to detail. In another painting project, the artist creates aerial views that really play with scale – are these views abstracted, extreme close-ups, or faraway macro images?

Screen capture image of Michael Mcewing's mapscapes on his websiteMapscapes gallery on Michael's website

His woodblock print series Dans La Lune is especially charming – the works combine 50’s and 60’s advertising imagery with prints and different schematic drawings and diagrams. Check out these and many more works on Michael’s artist website:


A landscape painting of water in a rocky coveEarly Evening at Pea Point, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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