Mythical, Lively Pottery by Leanne Schnepp

A stoneware sculpture of a happy monster in a striped shirtInnocence, stoneware clay, underglazed, glazed and stained

Leanne Schnepp’s portfolio is filled with beautifully crafted sculptured and ceramics. Each piece of Leann’s mythical, lively pottery is bursting with personality!


A wall-hanging sculpture of a woman representing the element of waterDive In (Water), wall-hanging sculpture

Leanne’s artworks are the type that I feel compelled to touch and hold. They all seem to have a lovely, satisfying texture to them, appearing smooth and perfectly weighted. Leanne lives and works in East Lansing, Michigan, where she’s been honing her ceramic and clay sculpting skills, looking especially at ideas of storytelling and myth.


A screen capture of the front page of Leanne Schnepp's art

I can certainly see the mythological connection in much of Leanne’s work. In many of the sculptures, animals are depicted in a sort of friendly, symbiotic interaction. Some of the sculptures are just animals, but who seem to have human personalities and mannerisms.  I find that many of her works are reminiscent of ancient sculptures of mythological and religious figures, and it’s really interesting to think about the imaginary mythologies that Leanne is crafting.  


A sculpture of two feet made to look like whimsical houses.Counting Blessings, glazed, underglazed, and stained stoneware feet and birds

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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