Geometry and Systems: Printmaking by Tim Van Ginkel

An abstract lithograph print with stringy circles and orange tonesFM - 2' 32", lithograph, monotype

Today’s featured artist is Tim Van Ginkel. Tim’s mixed-media works feature geometry and systems. His works look at methods of organizations and seem interestingly mathematical in nature.


A pink and purple-hued geometric abstract printPopulation Dynamics - I, lithograph, monotype, etching

I like the way Tim uses layers in his works – whether it be relatively simple line-art laid over a print, or a hazy mixture of overlapping colours and shades to create a background. In his new works, circles are arranged in a grid pattern overtop of ghostly, mottled backgrounds.

In Tim’s Connectionist works, shapes are connected by strings and strange, frenetic lines that look like unfinished diagrams or dream-like scribbling. 


A layered print of images of outer space and geometric line artSpectral Lines - 3, lithograph, pigment print, chine colle

I especially enjoy the Field Notes gallery, where the idea of the works being a mode of scientific exploration really comes to the forefront. Pigment prints of photographs of novas and nebulas in outer space are layered with lithography and chine colle to create the look of diagrams that reference the golden ratio, and schematic drawings. 

A screen capture of the front page of Tim Van Ginkel's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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