Sharp, Sculptural Paintings by Pierre-Luc Deziel

A side view of a painting with sculptural elements on the surfaceThe Saberwings (Perspective), mixed media

Pierre-Luc Deziel is interested in exposing the constructed nature of reality, and he does this through sharp, sculptural paintings that are part of the canvas and yet seem bent on escaping it.

A painting made up of schematic-style lines that jut out from the canvas in a sculptureFlowship Flips the Fool, mixed media

I find that Pierre-Luc’s three-dimensional works have an almost street-art, graffiti-like aesthetic. The sharp lines of material have the look and feel of a steel structure or blueprint that is collapsing in on its self, folding into a black hole perhaps. Pierre-Luc is determined, in his work, to cement the materiality of the painting – his works are very conceptual and the entire idea is contained in the way that the canvas is constructed – it becomes a built object in itself, rather than simply a surface to hold paint.

A gallery of artworks on Pierre-Luc Deziel's art websitePierre-Luc's works on his website portfolio

Pierre-Luc, on his art website, describes his practice as labour intensive, involving a great number of different materials used to achieve the desired effect – that final effect being a painting that creates a truly dynamic viewing experience.  

A detailed close up view of a sculptural blue paintingThe Flycatcher (Details), mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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