Sci-Fi Flowers: Sculptures by Choe U-Ram

An installation view of a light fixture made of metal piecesUna Lumino, metallic material, motor, LED, CPU board, polycarbonate

Choe U-Ram is a Korean artist who specializes in large-scale metallic sculptures of sci-fi flowers, insects, and fantasy creatures.


The sculptures have a futuristic, yet steampunk aesthetic to them, combining sleek, smoothly fabricated pieces of metal with distinctly mechanical elements. Many of these sculptures are kinetic, such as floral forms that open from a bud stage, and wings that flex. They also incorporate lighting in such a way that the sculpture seems organic, pulsing with energy, less an art piece than a scientific exploration.

A metallic structure shaped like a round collection of gold and silver leavesGold Cakra Lamp, metallic material, machinery, electronic device (CPU board, motor, LED)

I love how U-Ram incorporates a narrative back story into some of his works. Pieces that look particularly like alien insects or colonies of life forms are accompanied by pseudo-scientific “field-notes,” of a sort, making it seem like the sculptures are already living among us, waiting to be studied. U-Ram has been featured in both art magazines, and science-focused publications.


A metal wall installation looking like a branch of white flowersUna Lumino Callidus, metallic material, machinery, electronic device (CPU board, motor, LED), polycarbonate


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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