Western Canadian Landscapes by Lisa Printz

A landscape painting of a prairie under a blue skyHay Sheds III, oil on board

Lisa Printz is a Vancouver-based artist who works in a number of mediums including oil, pastels, encaustic and acrylics. Her western Canadian landscapes are rich and layered with colour.


A pastel drawing of poppies in a fieldCotignac Poppies, chalk pastel

Lisa’s decadent oil paintings are made with large, textural brush strokes in colours that perfectly balance blending with contrast. Her subjects are mostly pastoral prairie scenes but her body of work also includes some references to her time spent in London and Monaco.


Recently Lisa has been using encaustic wax in her works, which allows for a notable layered effect, showing off the artist’s rendering skill. I find Lisa’s use of line art in her watercolour works particularly charming. Sketchy, loose black lines are layered over her splashy painted buildings, adding a wonderful illustrative character to the images.  Lisa also works with pastels to create drawings that mimic classical impressionism in both style and subject matter. 


A screen capture of the oil painting gallery on Lisa Printz's websiteOil paintings on Lisa's webpage

A watercolour and ink drawing of buildings in VeniceVenice, watercolour and pen on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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