Stunning Photorealistic Watercolours by Travis Poelle

An acrylic painting of a water tower over some buildings in brooklynBrooklyn Water Towers, acrylic

Travis Poelle is our featured artist for today! Travis paints stunning photorealistic watercolours and acrylics. He has exhibited his paintings in several galleries in New York and California. His paintings can be viewed on his website at


A watercolour painting of people on an urban staircaseColumbus Stairs, watercolour

Travis has an amazing control of the watercolour medium. I’m especially impressed by his human figures. The people in these images don’t look stiff or posed, but as natural as if they had been captured in candid photographs of everyday life.


A screen capture of Travis Poelle's art

A watercolour painting of two men smoking on a bench at Brighton beachBrighton Beach Smoke Break, watercolour

Most of Travis’ paintings display a real affection for the city. His scenes of New York paint the city in a clean, fresh, bright light. Travis’ rendering of neon light is quite fantastic, the sharp yet fuzzy glow of the signs perfectly captured in pigment. He also gives particularly good treatment to reflections in water – the surface of puddles on streets adds a great element of realism to the images.  

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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