Photorealistic Portraits by Judith Elsasser

A painting of a young woman sitting on the floor of a dance studioAli, oil on canvas

Judith Elsasser’s incredible photorealistic portraits capture the heart and soul of her subjects. Most of her portraits appear candid, with her subjects immersed in everyday activities or work.


In Judith’s Soul of the Market series, the artist paints shop owners and artisans at a food market, at work or surrounded by their wares. Judith’s other series include portraits of children and family members, still lives, and nudes. I like seeing Judith’s nude portraits of regular women, some of them simple and minimalist, and others in elaborate natural environments.


A painting of a baker standing in his shop with loaves of breadIvan, Future Bakery, oil on canvas

Judith also has a selection of drawings and sketches up on her online portfolio. It’s great to be able to see these drawings as part of the artist’s process, though they could also easily function as stand-alone pieces. The sketchy lines come together to form highly detailed faces, before drifting apart again leaving the portrait beautifully unfinished. 


A painting of a small white dog on watercolour paperRusty, acrylic wash on watercolour paper

A screen capture of Judith Elsasser's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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