Crystalline Temples: Paintings by Jon Harris

A painting of red architectural lines leading upward to a "portal"The Red Portal, acrylic on canvas 

Our featured artist today is Jon Harris! Jon’s brushwork is incredibly controlled and the paintings themselves are geometric and exacting in perspective. It seems like the large, crystalline temples and other mysterious, meditative structures that dominate the paintings are always ascending toward a certain point in the distance, or opening up into a lighter point in the background. Jon’s portal paintings certainly give the viewer a sense that they are entering a different space when looking at them.

A painting of a black and white architectural form with a purple crystalline lotus

Temple in Black and White, Violet Lotus, acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of the installation gallery on John Harris' art websiteInstallation works on Jon's website

The artist also creates installation works. These usually take the form of large paintings or murals on the walls. I really like the installation pieces that cover both walls in a room -they really allow the viewer to almost get inside the painting and be surrounded by colours and shapes. Jon often employs an illusionary style of painting as well, with such precisely measured perspective that the paintings seem to jut out from the wall, or suck the viewer in. 

A painting of a colourful staircase through a celestial spaceAscending, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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