Water as a Motif: Photographs by Dean Osgood

A panoramic photograph of oak trees in a grassy forest clearingLive Oaks Grand Coteau Panorama

Our featured artist today is Dean Osgood. Dean is a photographer based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Dean photographs diverse subject matter, with water as a motif that recurs in many of his images.

A photo of a fleet of ships at harbour in twilight or early morning light.Delcambre Shrimp Fleet - Delcambre, LA

I’m really drawn to Dean’s panoramic photos of trees. He gets quite close to his subject matter, and often the trees extend beyond the top border of the photograph, creating an immersive viewing experience. Water seems to play a part in many of Dean’s photos – in two of his panoramas, the trees are standing in water. His portfolio at www.deanosgood.com also includes photos of boats, and birds standing in or near bodies of water.


Recent photos on Dean Osgood's websiteThe latest additions on Dean's website

Dean’s photos of birds capture his subject matter beautifully, sometimes incorporating a reflection on the water’s surface. He manages to get just close enough to the birds to capture them in great detail, without disturbing them.


A photo of an egret standing on the shore of a lakeEgret Reflections - Lake Martin  - Breaux Bridge, LA

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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