Stained Glass to be Admired: Catherine Hart

A stained glass window with flowers made of chandelier crystalsVictorian Garden, water glass and reclaimed chandelier crystals

Today’s featured artist is Catherine Hart! Catherine is a skilled artisan who produces wonderful stained glass to be admired and used. On her art website, Catherine has a portfolio filled with works of glass art in different categories.


A stained glass panel with squares of black and textured clear glassWinter Moon

Catherine makes geometric glass panels, as well as abstract designs and mirrors with stained glass accents. Some of her pieces can be installed as windows, while others are intended more as decorative panels. They’d all be lovely as accent pieces in a sunlit room.


The front page of Catherine Hart's stained glass

The artist uses many different colours of glass in her works, but her overall designs tend to be simple and focused, using repeated patterns and pure colours to convey aesthetic ideas. I like her geometric works that emulate the shapes of checkers boards or crosswords!  Catherine also uses textured clear glass to add beauty and an element of privacy to her window works. 

A mirror with stained glass floral accentsBlue Hydrangeas, reclaimed mirrored glass with stained glass accents

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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