Observational Painting by Bryan Coombes

A painting of a modern train in a rural areaBC on Rails, oil on canvas

Bryan Coombes has experience as a commercial pilot, a mountaineer, and a photographer. All these experiences inform his observational painting practice, where Bryan depicts Canadian landscapes, trains, highways and urban scenes with beautiful lighting and detail.


A blue-toned painting of a float plane on waterDe Havilland Beaver Blue, oil on canvas

I like the way Bryan puts a small description under each of the works on his portfolio, noting his interest in the subject, or other details about the work. It’s a nice personal look into the artist’s process. Bryan’s paintings have just the right amount of softness to them, and are never overworked. I’m especially drawn to the deep green shades he uses in his landscape and nature works.


A screen capture of the front page of Brian Coombes' websiteThe front page of Bryan's website

In his gallery of watercolours and location paintings, I recognize some Vancouver streets and British Columbia landmarks. Byan is great at translating recognizable visible features into the painted medium. Brian has also done commissioned work for various customers, and offers different framing options for purchases. 


An oil painting of a city streetUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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