Parallel Worlds: Photo Manipulations by Michal Karcz

A digitally manipulated photo of a broken road under a strange architectural structureSpiritual Archives

Photographer and digital artist Michal Karcz creates parallel worlds through his surreal photo manipulations. These artworks are often inspired by music, movies and dreams and have a great science-fiction or fantasy feel to them.


Karcz manipulations are quite impressive – he manages to blend the real with the digitally altered in such a way as to make the two barely distinguishable from one another. In his photos, huge impossible monoliths loom in the background, or pieces of landscape float oddly in front of strangely coloured skies.


A digital image of a black cube floating over dark waterThe Last Known Photograph of God v2


The artist also has a gallery of beautiful portraits on his website. The portraits are frequently simple facial close-ups, however a few of them also veer into fantasy territory by placing the subject in a mysterious or unlikely setting. In some cases the subject interacts with the setting to give the photo the look of a still from a movie scene. 

A digital image of a submarine deep underwaterEndless Deep

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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