Abstracted Portraiture by Boudewijn Korsmit

A portrait painting composed of layers of thin, drippy paintMulticolor 2

Boudewijn Korsmit is an artist and art educator who has been teaching both children and adults for nearly forty years.


The artist paints on large sheets of paper, sometimes using folded pieces of paper to create shapes of branches, grasses or other elements of nature in abstract form. His portraits use an interesting technique of layering sketchy brushstrokes and drips of thin paint to create the volumes and shadows of a face. Images from Boudewijn’s sketchbook show a similar interest in abstracted portraiture, with many depictions of faces and bodies created from knotted black lines.


An abstract painting with textural elements of rolled up paperUntitled

I find Boudewijn’s Microcosmos series very interesting. The colours that the artist chooses are dark and almost muddy in places, likely the result of many thin layers of pigment. The titles of the series, too, makes me wonder if these are depictions of deep space or perhaps microscopic close ups of something more familiar. Perhaps they are a blend of the two. 


The front page of Boudewijn Korsmit's artist websiteThe front page of Boudewijn's website

An abstract painting with text running across the topUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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