Raw Fantasy: Art by Joni Belaruski

An ink drawing of a punk cupid talking to a hummingbirdOK Cupid, pen and ink on paper

Joni Belruski currently lives and works in London, U.K. It is here that the artist creates her brash and expressive drawings that explore themes of raw fantasy, desire and death.


A drawing of a bull done for an album coverJoy of Nothing, album artwork for Foy Vance

Dark, thick black lines and splattered paint add an element of violence and energy to Joni’ works. She uses human and animal figures in her works, and the animals often seem to be avatars of a sort - representations of human behavior. Many of Joni’s human figures carry a punk rock aesthetic, which is in fitting with her messy, loud style of drawing.


Joni is also skilled at portraiture, as the gallery on her portfolio website shows. She creates faces and expressions with just the right amount of detail, while allowing the rest of a figure to blend into the background, or fade into drips of black ink. Portraits of celebrities and friends are rendered in an equally dramatic, eye-catching manner. 


A drawing of a cat and a crow fighting over yarnTango, pen and ink on paper

A screen capture of Joni Belaruski's websiteThe front page of Joni's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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