Intense Moodiness: Art by Patrick Bjorsrud

A painting in black and white of a strange robed figureUntitled

Patrick Bjorsrud is a Norwegian artist who uses a deconstructed style to express human experiences and behaviour. His style is often very loose and rough, using overlapping sketches and heavy, quick brushstrokes to form an image - or several images on top of one another.


A layered figurative drawing in coloured crayon on paperTerry Hawkins: Sadistic Snuff Man 25, crayon on paper

Bjorsrud works in a variety of media including drawing, painting and sculpture. I really enjoy Bjorsrud's drawings, in which he layers several sparse, monochromatic sketches, over top of one another. He creates a complex, multi coloured, almost abstract image that I have to work to piece together, making for a more engaging viewing experience. 


The artist’s mixed media works seem to capture the same dark, intense moodiness as his other works, using a rather different approach. Here, various photos of animals and nature are shaded in red, as if viewed during the development process. 

A plaster sculpture constructed to look like a drippy blob with teethUten Tittel (detail), plaster

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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