Magical Illustrations by Laurey Foulkes

An oil painting of several ghostly figures travelling through a fieldEvening Stroll, oil on wood

Today we’re featuring the magical illustrations of Laurey Foulkes. Laurey grew up in California where she received her BFA from, the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. Her drawings often explore the connections and similarities between the dream world and the real world.  The results are drawings that seem like they each tell a story, or perhaps are all scenes from one overarching plot.


A collage made up of fragmented imagery from dreamsDream Collage 1

The painting gallery on Laurey Foulkes' art websiteLaurey's online painting gallery

I really enjoy Laurey’s mixed media collages. They're reminiscent of the works of Eugenia Loli, wherein the whole world seems to have gone topsy-turvey. Houses and people seem to float amongst the monolithic shapes of glaciers, clouds and mountains or mysterious shapes created from multiple images and patterns.


Technique wise, Laurey brings a sense of flowing movement to all of her pieces. I especially like the way she uses oil paints, creating smooth forms and patterns of contour lines – for example in fields of grass, where it seems like each blade has been separately painted. 


A painting of a woman standing and looking at a ghostly figure in the windowThe Familiar Stranger, oil on masonite

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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