Dramatic Fragments: Photography by Michael Matthew Woodlee

A photo of a man standing in his bedroomJayce's bed room 2011, photograph

Today we’re featuring the photography of Michael Matthew Woodlee. Michael’s photographs are often of mundane scenarios that seem to have a deeper and in some cases darker story behind them.


A photo of a man standing inside a cabin in YosemiteGary 2013, photograph

Michael’s series Jayce follows the titular individual over a number of years, photographing him, for instance, standing in his bedroom or lighting a cigarette in his parent’s house. These seem like the sort of scenarios that might be recorded randomly, as amateur home photos and yet they are shot with an active, almost morbid interest. This in combination with the neutral faces of the subjects creates an effect that is at once quite normal and utterly removed from any normal scene of life. A few of our other artists also experiment with this type of mysterious photography.


Michael Matthew Woodlee's Identifying Self online gallery of photosIdentifying Self on Michael's website

I find Michael’s Identifying Self series especially interesting. The subject matter here appears to be a series of medical procedures that the arist endured, and the resulting photographs tell the story through a series of dramatic fragments.  


A photo of a man undergoing IV treatment at homeIn Home IV Treatment, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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