Hypnotic Structures: Sculpture by Anthony Howe

A kinetic sculpture composed of many plates of stainless steelOcto 3, stainless steel

Anthony Howe is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and now resides in Orcas Island, Washington. Howe’s artworks take the form of large-scale, outdoor kinetic sculptures that move with the wind. These hypnotic structures take many different forms but are generally abstract, calling to mind flowers, radio antennae and complex cellular structures.  


Treefoil, stainless steel 


Howe’s work was initially inspired by the artist having to work with metal in the form of constructing shelving for an archive space. He was quickly taken with the medium and his artistic practice evolved around it.


The artist builds his pieces with temporality and durability in mind, fabricating them from numerous sheets of metal. While the artist has noted that he does not pursue perfection in his works, I’m personally astounded by the level of perfection that he does manage to achieve, with so many working parts dancing in apparent harmony. 


A stainless steel sculpture of a faceAbout Face, copper, stainless steel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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