Prismatic Coloration: Painting by Marty Husted

A painting of water flowing over a sheet of flat rockUntitled, mixed media

Ohio-based artist Marty Husted is a landscape painter, and our featured artist today! Marty paints in a style that lends her subjects a wonderful prismatic coloration.  


A painting of a house on a hill in TuscanyTuscany View, oil on wood panel

The mixed media gallery on Marty Husted's art websiteMarty's website gallery of mixed media works

She is able to portray forests, water and other settings with an excellent eye for the texture and feel of each element. Waterfalls glisten with white highlights while grassy fields and trees seem crisp or at times blurred with heat. I love the numerous bright hues that Marty incorporates into each of her works. The effect is similar to viewing a scene through a water-droplet rainbow.


Marty frequently uses patterned paper and scraps of fabric to add texture, depth, and an element of the pleasantly surreal to her paintings. The images are never overworked but rather sit in a place of gestural elegance, with just enough detail to make each seem like the memory of a beautiful landscape. 


A painting of a still body of water with patternsRejuvenate, mixed media on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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