Invitingly Tactile Ceramics by Bent Oaks Pottery

A black handmade ceramic vase with red detailingDeep Water Currents #2

Our featured artist today is Danny Young of Bent Oaks Pottery. Danny has been honing his pottery skill for over 40 years, and his portfolio is filled with both functional and sculptural ceramic work.


A white marbled handmade ceramic vaseUntitled

Danny uses various techniques for creating his clay pieces. The finish colours in his selection of ceramic vases and pots range from earthy browns to marbled whites. I rather enjoy his Deep Water Currents series of pottery, where each piece is patterned with orange-red lines over a deep black base. The orange lines seem like they might be leaves of kelp, flowing in an invisible water current.


The theme of water carries over into Danny’s sculptural works. These invitingly tactile ceramics are shaped like clamshells. Each exists as a smooth, rounded module with an opening framed by undulating, flesh-like lips. 

A ceramic sculpture with a clam-like appearanceBeach Lip

A screen capture of ceramic works on the Bent Oaks Pottery websiteDanny's online pottery gallery

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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