Aggressive, Dynamic Artworks by David Maxim

An abstract work featuring a sculptural element attached to a canvas1987, The First Titan, acrylic on mixed media and canvas

Today’s featured artist is David Maxim. David’s aggressive, dynamic artworks express the artist’s interest in movement and power, particularly that found in natural vortexes.

A painting of one of Louise Bourgeois' spider sculptures on a beachLouise Has an Idea, oil on canvas

A screen capture of the front page of David Maxim's websiteThe front page of David's website

In David’s abstract works, the power of the artist’s hand is clearly visible. These forms look like they might be ancient tools or even weapons of some sort, and the theatrical application of paint, splattered roughly over the surface, lends to the idea of the sculptures having been caught up in some sort of weather or cosmic event.


Each of the paintings in David’s Famous Dead Artists series reads as a surreal inside joke for those familiar with the artist portrayed. The series features artists such as Jackson Pollock, Frida Khalo and Louise Bourgeois in landscapes, usually beaches. Each of the paintings seem to suggest some connection between the environment and the artist’s work or lifestyle. All are in keeping with David’s fascination with the power of nature and natural interventions. 


A painting of artist William Turner walking down a beachImagine Turner in California, oil on canvas


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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