Seasons, Memories and Moments: Art by Nidhan-Emina Kurtagic

A photo of a cherry blossom tree against a blue skyUntitled

Nidhan-Emina Kurtagic’s highly saturated photography often features the motifs of trees, women, pets and ceramics. She divides her work into seasons, memories and moments.


The subject matter of Nidhan-Emina’s work is often highly personal, featuring photos of her pets and relatives. The photos themselves are unpretentious, minimally edited and more focused on narrative than technical polish. I’m particularly fond of the artist’s winter landscapes, where she often captures icy winter skies and sunsets peeking out from between many spindly branches of bare trees.


A photo of some tree branches covered in snowSilence

A gallery of photographs on Nidhan-Emina Kurtagic's websiteNidhan-Emina's Yoga For All Seasons gallery

Occasionally, Nidhan-Emina also makes use of digital techniques, scribbling coloured lines drawn with a mouse or tablet over an existing photo. The few photos in which the artist employs this method seem almost as if a child got a hold of them, and add to the personal nature of the artist’s work. While other photographers capture life in dramatic fragments, Nidhan-Emina seems content to observe the quieter moments. 


A photo of a cat that has been digitally manipulatedBarak 005

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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