Innovative Textile Artwork by Julie McIntyre

An image of a quilt with different photographs sewn into itNeedleworking

Our featured artist today is Julie McIntyre. Julie is a fibre and textile artist who is now based in Vancouver, BC. Julie’s body of work includes printmaking, textiles and combinations of the two. Much of Julie’s innovative textile artwork focuses on memory and her own past experiences – a fitting subject for quilts, often made from old scrap fabrics.  


An art piece made with prints and paper sewn together with textAesop's Fables, relief prints, assorted paper and thread

The artist’s works often combine paper with sewing. In some cases, she attaches prints, photographs and other paper-based art forms. Certain works use paper in a manner that mimics the texture and appearance of fabric. Some works in her Travel Stories series are paper-made articles of clothing. In her Bedtime Stories series, the fibre art pieces almost take on the appearance of stained glass.


Some of Julie’s previous work focuses entirely on various printmaking techniques. The artist oscillates between depicting the essence of a place or feeling, and incorporating photographs for a direct approach.


An apron-like garment made from assorted prints and paperGardener's Apron, four colour lithographs on Kozo paper, assorted papers and thread

A screen capture of Julie McIntyre's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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