Adorable Anthropomorphized Foods: Art by Cindy Scaife

A painting of malt vinegar with his wife, fish and children, chipsMalt Vinegar

Cindy Scaife is our featured artist for today! Cindy’s body of personal work frequently revolves around creating images of adorable anthropomorphized foods and placing them in storybook settings – sometimes complete with lines of dialogue similar to what might be seen in a book for young children.


A painting of poutine wearing a dress and walking on icePoutine, acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of the True Patriot Grub gallery on Cindy Scaife's websiteCindy's True Patriot Grub painting gallery

I’m really enjoying the illustrative nature of Cindy’s paintings. With just the right about of absurdity, the characters of food could be at home on an antique sign for a farmer’s market, or in a modern gallery. Technically, the artist’s style reinforces the vintage aesthetic, with slightly de-saturated colours and ornate frames and banners painted directly into the images. These are quite unlike our other artists who create art with food.


Cindy is also an accomplished muralist who has produced works for private and corporate clients in a variety of locations and styles. Her corporate clients include locations of Loblaws and Starbucks. 


A coloured mural outside a Loblaws store in TorontoExterior Mural for Loblaws at Dupont and Christie, Toronto (Partial View), collaboration with Kuba Bryzgalski and Cornielius Speck, latex paint on concrete

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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