Self-Contained Abstraction: Art by Emil Harko

An abstract painting with lines of deep red and orangeUntitled 4

Today’s featured artist is Emil Harko. Emil’s painted works are highly cohesive as a series, each a small, self-contained abstraction that seems to express a city viewed flying by from the inside of a car or train.


Each of the paintings has a dominant colour, though they are far from monochromatic. I like the way Emil utilizes the colour of choice in a given painting to express a certain mood or temperature. Some of his paintings express the faint ghosts of city blocks and bridge-like structures while others seem to take their subject matter from nature – close ups of grass in fields and tree branches waving against coloured skies.


An abstract painting with tones of cold blue and blackUntitled 2

A screen capture of Emil Harko's website painting galleryThe current painting gallery on Emil's website

Emil’s images are never quite crystal clear, but this is part of the intrigue for the viewer. The state of these works, existing somewhere between figurative painting and abstraction, invites longer, contemplative viewing.  


An abstracted painting with dark brown and grey tonesUntitled 11

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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