Energetic Sequential Art by Chad Hardin

A cover painting for Dragon Age by Chad HardinDragon Age: Those Who Speak #1 (Promotional), ink wash on bristol with digital colouring

Today’s featured artist is Chad Hardin! Chad is a comic book artist and illustrator current living and working in Utah. His portfolio is packed with energetic sequential art, cover art and concept art for various well-known comic series and characters.


A page from a Harley Quinn comic, featuring a motorcycle chaseHarley Quinn #1 Page 5

The sequential art gallery on Chad Hardin's websiteChad's gallery of sequential art

Chad’s drawings are beautifully composed, with clean lines and an incredible eye for detail – I really like the comic book sequences wherein the artist draws a large, expansive scene that is layered behind a few close-up panels of conversation or action. It’s a nice way of varying the usual comic book form while still providing an uninterrupted narrative.


Some of Chad’s concept art is particularly interesting, such as in his updated versions of He-Man and Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe series. He is equally skilled with intricate, sci-fi machinery and medieval fantasy aesthetics, sometimes combining the two to great effect. 


A page of concept art for a Skeletor redesignSkeletor 03

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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