Movement and Light: Paintings by Donna Bruni

An abstract painting with red, yellow and grey tonesDays in October 1, oil paint and tinted gesso on canvas

Donna Bruni is an abstract painter and our featured artist for the day! Donna’s abstract paintings express movement and light patterns from various locales, and from places that exist only in the artist’s mind.


An abstract painting composed of a textured light pink canvasUncovering Beauty, oil and tinted gesso on custom canvas

The artist often uses milder pastel colours in her works, creating paintings that are like fragments of peripheral vision on a sunny day. Her colours are not explosive, but rather immersive, and the similar tone of the different hues invites a closer visual inspection. Each painting seems to exist as a series of flat planes of colour that touch but never quite blend together. Many are reminiscent of the dappling pattern that occurs when sunlight hits the ground through trees.


A screen capture of the Elements gallery on Donna Bruni's websiteDonna's Elements gallery on her website

An abstract painting featuring tones of yellow and pinkSanta Cruz Foothillls, oil on custom built canvas

Donna’s portfolio on her website,, is divided into three collections: City, Spirit and Elements. The latter category is the most vibrant, with deep blues and splashes of saturated red expressing water and fire in great sensory detail.  

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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