Pointillist-Like Style: Painting by Douglas Moulden

A painting of a forested pathway made with small brushmarksBehind the Scenes, acrylic on panel

Today let’s take a look at the artwork of Douglas Moulden. Douglas uses a finely detailed, pointillist-like style to create paintings of trees and nature. Composed of many tiny marks, Douglas’ tree branches are sharp and shadowed and his backgrounds exist as lovely gradients.


A painting of an oak tree on a bright backgroundLive Oak, acrylic on panel

I especially like the way that Douglas often opts to paint of surfaces that are not regularly shaped. Many of his works are painted on wood panels that have been kept in a more natural, curved shape. The shape of the surface works together with the flowing movement of the paintings, and the subject matter which is frequently trees.


A screen capture of Douglas Moulden's websitewww.douglasmoulden.com

A painting of a white rock face with some small shrubberyScree, acrylic on plywood


We’ve previously look at the sculptural nature of Douglas’ paintings. The way he uses small brushstrokes and marks to build up each branch of his trees is a really interesting method of painting. A closer look reveals that each shape and plane is composed of many different coloured marks, which combine when viewed from afar to create beautifully subtle tones. 

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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