Explorations of the Self: Art by Melissa Ann Lambert

An abstract digital artwork with a dark background and fine detailingMatrix

Let’s take a look at the artwork of Melissa Ann Lambert. Melissa creates amazing works of art in a variety of media, focusing on concepts as diverse as physics, psychology, mythology and geometry. The works she produces all seem to function as deep explorations of the self from a variety of angles.


A digital artwork with  geometric and abstract qualitiesQuark

A screen capture of Melissa Ann Lambert's gallery of works on paperMelissa's gallery of works on paper

I like seeing some of Melissa’s self-portraits in her online portfolio – they are far from traditional portraits, and instead seem like glimpses into the artist’s strangest dreams. Placing herself in this delirious landscape like a storybook character, Melissa explores her artwork in a very literal sense.


In our last look at her artwork, Melissa was exploring different and interesting approaches to digital art, as well as other media. Today her website is packed with examples of work of all kinds, from her signature digital style, to works on paper, to digitally manipulated photographs. 


A digital painting with a portrait of the artist surrounded by abstract patternsOn and Off with a Tendency Toward On

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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