Earthy Glazes: Ceramic Art by Elaine Clapper

A blue and brown chip handmade chip and salsa platterChip and Salsa Platter

Today’s featured artist is Elaine Clapper, a ceramic artist from Bellville, Ohio. Elaine’s ceramics are multicoloured, with earthy glazes blending into each other and creating a pigment that seems to shift as the piece is viewed from different angles.


A tall vase with an earthy red glazeRed Vase

A screen capture of Elaine Clapper's online ceramics galleryElaine's gallery of works

Elaine’s works feature a combination of beauty and practicality, with flat bowls, plates and various tall water-carrying vessels featuring prominently as her favourite forms. In recent works, Elaine has been using red pigments and glazes, creating vases and plates that are wonderfully warm in colour. I enjoy the slightly subdued tones that the artist tends to use – they really let the simple and elegant shapes of her vessels shine through.


In a number of her previous ceramic artworks, Elaine used a blue glaze. In combination with the earthy brown of the fired clay, the blue lends these works an aged quality, making them seem like ancient vessels found in archaeological dig. 


A four piece dinnerware set with a blue and brown colour schemeDinnerware Place Setting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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