Studio Sunday: Uwe Kowski

A photo of Uwe Kowski working alone in his painting studio

Today’s Studio Sunday features Uwe Koski, a painter based in Berlin. Kowski studied painting and graphics at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany, and both these stylistic influences are clear in his works.


In this photo, it looks like the artist has covered most of the floor of his studio with paint smocks. He also appears to have several works in progress on the go at once. I like the way Kowski has his paintings arranged in the space, most of them propped up on easels rather than leaning against the wall, so a person would be able to walk between them. This definitely seems like the studio space of an artist who is organized and takes care of his works. The high ceilings and large window of this studio space definitely make it a pleasant-looking workplace.


There is a large trolley on the floor that appears completely full of paint brushes, and there are a number of large paint buckets on the floor. Kowski, pictured here in the very back of his studio, seems like a very busy artist!


In a style that seems to blur the line between impressionism and expressionism, Kowski paints abstract images made up of many smaller marks that all seem to function almost as figures in their own right. In this way, his paintings tend almost to look like complex scenes involving large crowds, or fields of flowers. A few of his circular works remind me of those by Clara Fialho, though Kowski’s are decidedly less delicate. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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