Saturated Surreal Photographs by Joeann Edmonds-Matthew

A manipulated photo of a flame emerging from a structureFire in Progress

Our featured artist today, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, creates saturated surreal photographs of a variety of subjects, including animals, architecture, nature and more. An emerging artist, Joeann has recently moved into a full-time photography career after spending time as a makeup and wardrobe artist for film and video production.


A stretched and distorted photo of a building exteriorElephant in The Room

As an artist located in the San Francisco bay area, Joeann’s works are often influenced by this location. In some cases this means that the subjects of the photographs are bay area landmarks and scenery, or locals.


A manipulated photo of birds wearing different hipster outfitsBay Area Birds

 Joeann incorporates photography into most of her artworks, however many of the final pieces are heavily manipulated to include extra embellishments or unnaturally bright colours. Her series Those Lovely Birds is filled with well-composed bird photographs onto which Joeann has superimposed various styles of hats. Our previous feature of Joeann focused on these photomanipulation works, particularly the ones in which the artist creates scenes and settings that are completely out of this world, by combining snippets from more mundane images. 


A screen capture of a gallery of works on Joeann Edmonds Matthew's websiteJoeann's Space Craft series

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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