Rocky Mountain Views: Art by Caro Wilson

A photo of a series of print media works hung on a wallCollected Artifacts, print media

Today’s artist feature will focus on Caro Wilson! Caro is an artist from Calgary, Alberta, who works across disciplines and mediums to create works that celebrate rocky mountain views and feelings.


A print media work depicting a tree trunk or grassInternal Geometry, print media

I’m quite taken by Caro’s print media and collage works, in which the artist represents trees, forests and topographical maps with nods to the nostalgia of childhood camping trips. The works in her Collected Artifacts series appear semi-abstract, but reference map-making and photographs of wooded areas. The simple paper and pencil aesthetic creates the feeling of notes scrawled in a journal or sketchbook.


A contour drawing of several faces blending togetherContour II, graphite

Caro’s drawings share in this sketchbook aesthetic. In many cases the original pencil marks delineating a figure remain visible even after the image has been inked and polished creating a pleasing sketchiness. Motifs of trees, particularly tree rings, are echoed in the artist’s fondness for contoured line drawings of the human face. 


A screen capture of the front page of Caro Wilson's

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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