Alien Monoliths: Art by Dan Corson

An outdoor sculpture with several monolithic structures lit with coloured LEDsNepenthes Paisleyi, painted fibreglass, steel, LED's, sensors, GFRC

Public and installation artist Dan Corson creates large indoor and outdoor forms that look like alien monoliths. Often using curved, bulbous shapes and incorporating coloured lights, Corson’s installations are thoroughly modern.


In his indoor installation works, Corson plays with the space of the gallery itself, using lighting structures and phosphorescent materials to induce an otherworldly glow. In one work, he paints a wall with light-reactive material. When a laser is projected onto the wall it creates bizarre geometric shapes and waves that appear only because the material, and our eyes, create ghostly repetitions of the light that was once there.


A laser projection on a phosphorescent wallDecay, phosphorescent doped wall, laser system, control, programming and safety system

In standing installation works, Corson uses moving sheets of phosphorescent materials to create wave forms that are ethereal yet exist in real life in the gallery. His outdoor installations tend to be a lot more solid, and are just as easily public art as they are crash-landed UFOs. 


An installation with phosphorescent fabric and light beamsHomage to Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, fluorescent materials, steel, motors, autotransformers, theatrical filters

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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