Complex Geometric Artworks by Lili Phelouzat

A geometric painting composed of flat planes of colourThe Gates Of The Unconscious: Piece 4, acrylic and india ink on canvas

Today let’s look at the artwork of Lili Phelouzat. Lili was born in the Auvergne region of France and moved to London after finishing her studies in art history. As a painter, Lili creates complex geometric artworks that seem to exist simultaneously as architectural models and drawings of a parallel universe.


A geometric abstract painting with yellow, blue and pink tonesThe Gates Of The Unconscious: Piece 10, acrylic and india ink on canvas

A screen capture of some of Lili Phelouzat's paintings on her websiteThe Gates of the Unconscious series on Lili's portfolio

I’m really excited by Lili’s 2015 series The Gates of the Unconscious. The name really sets the tone for viewing these works. The paintings, which the artist has created using acrylic paint and India ink on canvas, function as an extremely cohesive series, each one using an identical colour scheme and nearly identical background, with various permutations of what could be a single geometric “gate” form. There is an air of calculated, almost spiritual mystery to these that I find quite intriguing.


Lili also creates digital illustrations, which divide the “painted” surface into a number of monochromatic shapes. You can also check out these and more of Lili’s organic and geometric paintings in our previous feature!


An abstract geometric digital illustrationPointing 3, illustration

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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