Moments, Thoughts and Encounters: Comic Art by Chris Gill

A comic about climate changeOur Kids Copy


In this artist feature, let’s take a look at the cartoons of Chris Gill. At the moment, Chris’ portfolio contains primarily digital cartoons, with an observational style that sees the artist drawing moments, thoughts and encounters from his day-to-day life.

A cartoon critiquing religion and consumerismUSA

Some of Chris’ works are flatly humorous, but most of the cartoons seem to be driven by an opinionated and philosophical worldview. The artist’s Domesticata series features slightly surreal, tongue-in-cheek meditations on domestic home life and married relationships. I find many of them have a vague, dark edge to them, which adds an interesting depth. Chris’ philosophical comics tend to be more humorous, using philosophical teachings as a way of working through issues with human relationships and religious views.


A screen capture of Chris Gill's art websiteThe front page of Chris' website


In most of his current works, the artist has used the Corel Painter program to create sketches that mimic the effect of pencil drawings and watercolour. His art style is vague and dreamlike, almost naïve, where colours and lines are splashed with equal gestural abandon onto the page. 

A cartoon critiquing modern technologyiCloud

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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