Industrial Aesthetic: Sculpture by Michael Kinghorn

A sculpture made from sheets of rusted metalCollapse

Today we’re featuring the artwork of Michael Kinghorn! Michael is a sculptor located in Wakefield, Quebec, who works primarily with metal and blacksmithing techniques. His sculptures have a heavy, industrial aesthetic, yet also hold onto a whimsical theme of exploration and space travel.


A box-shaped sculpture made from metal and other materialsBuilding Patriotism

A screen capture of Michael Kinghorn's die casting process photosSome of Michael's die casting process photos

Many of Michael’s sculptures are boxy with right angles and hard edges. They work well as small towers or monumental obelisks. Never quite polished, the artworks have rough edges and small details that encourage the viewer to look at them for a little longer, seeing them from all angles. Michael also uses die-casting techniques in his works, allowing him to create pieces of metal in specific shapes, rather than needing to cut and sand them.


I like all of the process photos and drawings that Michael has made available on his portfolio! His drawings are especially interesting, as they reflect the more cartoonish aspect of the artist’s work, using bright, flat colours and heavy outlines to picture spaceships and the strange, boxy forms of new art pieces. 


A set of three process drawings of sculptural objectsConcept Drawings (sold)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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