Academic Explorations: Art by M. Simon Levin

A diptych of photographs of waterfronts in Vancouver and DubaiXXXIX - Rubble-Creosote Diptych - visual for Maraya project

Our featured artist M. Simon Levin is based in Vancouver, BC. Simon’s works are conceptual and academic explorations of issues ranging from social and political to artistic and philosophical.


Maraya, a recent collaborative artwork by Simon, Henry Tsang and Glen Lowry, takes the form of a body of research more than a single tangible work or exhibition. Focused on the relationship between urban development and real estate in Vancouver, British Columbia and Dubai, the project looks at parallels between waterfront developments in both cities through a series of talks, images and an interactive website.


A photo of a small wood block over the display screen of an apartment buzzer panelUntitled, In[ ]ex installation view (collaboration with Laurie Long, Kate Armstrong, Jean Routhier, Leonard Paul, Bobbi Kozinuk, Manuel Pîna, and Alice Ming Wai Jim)

A screen capture of the front page of M. Simon Levin's websiteThe front page of Simon's website

Many of Simon’s other works take the form of experiences rather than specific forms. The artist is very interested in bringing critical and theoretical discussion into his work, and I like the way that he makes these works publicly accessible to allow more voices to participate in that discussion. Read about more of Simon’s projects on his portfolio at!


A photo of one of the walks done as part of the Maraya projectUntitled, art walk for Maraya

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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