Immersive Abstract Paintings by Skai Fowler

A painting composed mainly of blue and red tonesRun Away Summer, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Skai Fowler. Skai graduated from Vancouver, BC’s Emily Carr University in 1985 and has been working in the arts ever since. In her current practice, Skai is creating wonderfully immersive abstract paintings that speak to her local, as well as more universal concepts.


A painting composed of yellow and red tonesRubato, acrylic on canvas

A screen capture of Skai Fowler's recent work on her art websiteSkai's Sounds of the City gallery

The artist’s most recent painting series is entitled Sounds of the City. The series is made up of incredibly vibrant abstract paintings that really do seem tied to the lights, movements and sounds of an urban area. I like the way that Skai selects a dominant colour in many of her works, while still managing to use a full spectrum of accents and smaller lines. It’s as if the viewer is looking at a city skyline bathed in a particular colour of sunlight.


Since we previously featured Skai’s moody abstract works the artist seems to have moved into a more diverse range of colour, and larger, more aggressive brush marks. The style is still very distinct, and I look forward to seeing more!


A painting with bright yellow, pink and green tonesCity Sunset, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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