Illustrations for a Digital Age by Sachin Teng

An illustration of a woman with floral patterned skinDysphoria, illustration for Supersonic Electronic Annual

Sachin Teng is an artist and illustrator from New York. Teng holds a BFA in Communication Design from the Pratt institute. The artist’s practice is packed with bright, poppy illustrations for a digital age.


A digital illustration of a decaying bionic armBionic Decay, illustration for MIT Tech Review

Teng has provided illustrations for a variety of well-known publications including the New Yorker, Popular Mechanics, Wired and the New York Times. I really enjoy the animated feeling that Teng brings to illustrations – sometimes literally, as a few of the digital illustrations on the artist’s websites feature animated elements. It’s a really eye catching and unique way to update an illustration for online consumption.


Teng’s style ranges from a slightly skewed and saturated realism to more simplified, cartoonish drawings. In a few cases the more complex works are reminiscent of the surreal art of Hannah Yata or Soey Milk. Each work brings an original, thoroughly modern perspective to a wide range of subjects and discussions. 


An illustration of a woman with a Facebook like for a heartLIKE, illustration for Wired Magazine

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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